Pitch Black Tour: Books With A Bite

Vampire Kisses has bitten into the necks of readers all over the world. Raven Madison, a 16-year old goth chick living in a town known as Dullsville, is constantly complaining that there is nothing to do in her town. At least until Alexander Sterling arrives to town little does she know his deep dark secret of being a real living everyday life Vampire of the night life. Raven falls head over heels for him and their chemistry explodes into an overflowing blood waterfall, with obstacles and chaos mixed in between. The entire series is told in Raven's point of view, as we witness her overcome some dangerous tasks running throughout the series, leading off into 4 other titles in this gothtastic series. The sequel Vampire Kisses 2 Kissing Coffins continues the tale where it was left off taking Raven into finding out about Alexander's relatives and what scams they have in store. Next we enter the world of Vampire Kisses: Vampireville where Raven rides into her aunt's domain and comes across a nightclub to her liking 100% known as The Coffin Club which she stumbles across that leads her down a path of destruction and worries for her beloved. The last two installments thus far, Vampire Kisses: Dance With a Vampire and The Coffin Club go hand in hand going into detail on what really happens when you mix Vampires with everyday Humans is not the best combination you can mix up. Ellen Schreiber has display a series of heart pulsing blood flowing energy of fun and excitement, and it continues in the mini series done by Tokypop expresses a more in depth detail showing the illustration's and creativity of what Raven and Alexander are really like in this new series of untold events. Hunting Beach's Barnes & Noble book store has had Ellen Schreiber in their presents and she did a Q&A and happily signed copies of her books, and took pictures with her beloved fans, including myself. Goths and fans alike lined up as they each waited and watched the amazement of their beloved series, come to life, being told by their idolized author. Vampire Kisses should leave some bite marks engraved on your neck, after you've read through this fangtastic series!

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