Decadence Interview

An interview with Kitty Saric:

What concept came to mind when you recorded "3rd Stage Of Decay"?

The concept of "3rd Stage Of Decay" was there long before we started recording the album. The album title has an indirect connection to the fact that it is the 3rd line-up of Decadence which finally brought us together as a band. Also, when you glance through the lyrics of the album you will see connections to the title and other hidden meanings everywhere. "3rd Stage Of Decay" is definitely our most stable album where we've found ourselves, our music and what we stand for.

Please tell me more about the production of "3rd Stage Of Decay".

The drums and vocals were recorded in a studio in Stockholm and the guitars and bass were recorded in our own private studio. Kenneth Lantz (1st guitar) in Decadence is our studio tech and he produces and mixes all our work. The sound turned out almost exactly the way we hoped. The mix and smaller details can always be improved and that's what we strive for when working with new albums, but the sound itself on "3rd Stage Of Decay" is what we sought to have. All photos in the booklet were originally taken by Motts, a talented photographer working for, but I have modified them to fit the theme of this album. The original photos can be seen if you visit our official website:, music section. The modified versions can only be seen in the booklet of "3rd Stage Of Decay" and each photo has a connection to the lyrics of the song on that particular page.

What do you think of your current album, compared to your previous works?

Our musical direction evolved over time until we found Decadence's own sound. We started off as a melodic death metal band just playing death metal with harmonies. This was the time when our self-titled album "Decadence" was created. Our second album "The Creature" was more experimental and removed the "melodic death-limits" that we had on "Decadence". It is a mixture of death and thrash and more aggressive. When the time was due for "3rd Stage Of Decay" we found ourselves in the genre that we call melodic thrash metal. A fan once told me his explanation that "The Creature" shows the aftermath of violence and the inner side of rage and passion as it gradually goes from aggressive to the melancholic side of our lives, while "3rd Stage Of Decay" manifests our consolidation with the band, showing traces of the stronger part of us - and I think that's a great description!

Who writes the lyrics, what are they about? Is there any concept in them?

I write all the lyrics for Decadence. There is a general theme evolving around the lyrics. Most of them are about decadence itself and how it can be interpreted and they mostly reflect this by subjects like personal struggles, suffering, depression and anger as well as through different kinds of analogies. When you glance through the lyrics I write for Decadence you see signs of all of these connections everywhere.

Are the lyrics an important aspect of the band or are they just there to guide the music?

I think they are an important aspect of the band. They are indeed a part of the music but we like to see all the elements in our work fulfilling a special purpose.

Do you have to be depressed to write a sad song? Or do you write such songs?

Not at all, an inspiration can but doesn't at all have to be depression. The words are inspired by various happenings and even dreams and nightmares. Sometimes the lyrics can even be inspired by quotes from writers. The lyrics and general themes could work as a guide and as a way to view the world, oneself and various situations through different perspectives.

Is the song better if its an incident that really happened to you?

I guess it can be but to make an example, you don't necessarily have to live through a war to know that it's terrible. That's why I like writing in a more cryptic way, so to speak, so that everyone can relate to the words in their own way. Sometimes fans e-mail me their interpretations of some of my lyrics and I can say that every single one I got was different from the other! The song 'Labyrinth' found on our second album "The Creature" has probably had more than 10 interpretations and I really enjoy seeing how people can relate to the words in their own way from their own experiences.

How did you come up with the band name, what does it mean for you?

The name Decadence was inspired from a band I first intended to work with that was called Dekapitera. When that project never got going I decided to jump off. Then I found a nameless band, came to audition, joined them and later named it Decadence. That is the band that has evolved to what we are now!

How's life at Massacre Records?

So far I can definitely say that it feels like Massacre Records was the right choice for us. When we were in the middle of the negotiations with them they showed to be a really good cooperation partner and we look forwards to good continuous work with them.

What are some of your influences and do they take part in any of the albums you've released?

To mention some of the bands that have been inspiring to me I could say: Metallica, Death, Kreator, Testament, Megadeth, Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Children Of Bodom, Annihilator, Tankard, Sodom, Slayer, Pantera, Exodus and so on. As you can see, the list mostly consists of various thrash metal bands with some exceptions. I constantly want to develop my vocals and I wanted to hear as many different styles of metal vocals as possible to create my own voice. I still experiment today to come up with different pitches or styles and I really enjoy that and discovering new, inspiring bands. Listening to all these bands and more I can definitely say that they had an influence on the music that I write for Decadence.

What do you love about music?

Or more specifically, what do I love about metal? Well, I don't only see metal as music, it's a lifestyle and a passion. Metal is my life and everything evolve around it. It's the music I listen to, the clothes I wear, the long hair I've saved, the opinions I express, the decisions I make, the band I have, the dreams I have, the goals that I want to reach and the person I am!

What made you want to do melodic death metal?

Actually, I don't really consider myself doing melodic death metal. When we in Decadence describe our music we refer to what we call melodic thrash metal. We describe this genre as thrash metal with the heaviness of melodic death metal without keyboards. In addition, extreme aggressive female vocals and growl techniques as well as thrash metal screams are added to the mix. The combination of these effects along with the new touch of thrash metal gives a specific sound which is what defines Decadence. My love for thrash metal with the roots of the pure old 80's bay area is what has always inspired me, and still is.

Is MySpace the great Satan of the 21st Century?

Satan? Well, it depends on who you are asking with the Satan thing, haha! But for me MySpace is a great thing and is the 21st Century's cassette tape (you know, our generation's way of trading music!). I think the Internet itself is an excellent resource. For us, it has been a huge help to reach out to more people, find contacts all over and simply spreading the word.

What do you think and know of Romania?

I don't know enough about Romania, that's for sure! But it feels great to reach out to the fans over there now through this interview and I hope we can make a stop there sometime soon for a show!

It's been awesome talking with you guys any other thoughts or comments?

Thank you and the readers as well for sharing this interview with me. I can end it by saying something that I say quite often to myself: If there's a will, there's a way!

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