Order Of Ennead Interview

1. How did all of you guys form and deicide on this project to create Order Of Ennead?

Our bass player, Scott Patrick, was jamming with Steve Asheim on a non-death metal project. When Deicide had some down time Steve was looking to fill up his time and Scott played him some of the material I was working on. I guess he liked it because we started jamming within the next couple of weeks. When our recording guitarist, John Li, was busy in college, we asked Jack Owen to join and tour with us.

2. Do you believe that your self-titled album is Order Of Ennead's defining moment?

Up to this point it is, but then again its our first album together. Ask me again in ten years and I'll be able to give you a better answer.

3. What was it like playing with Deicide, I know the drummer is of Deicide so was it like an honor, what was running through your mind?

Pretty surreal. I've been listening to Deicide since 1990, so to move to Florida and be able to play a show with them is great. I actually started playing guitar for them as well. We've done about half a dozen shows together now and there are a lot more to come.

4. What's it like having bleneded black metal and death metal together? What did you make this choice in picking this genre.

There was no real choice to the style of music I write. I've listened to death and black metal equally and that naturally comes out in the writing. I never exclude a good riff just because it doesn't fit into a particular genre. I belive that the two styles work very well together and compensate for each others monotony.

5. "As Long As I Have Myself I Am Not Alone," is an intersting title and the description deals with trust issues, how can you relate to this track?

Its not about trust issues. The underlining idea is "How can you trust someone when you can't trust yourself". Its about knowing yourself and not falling off the path that you have set out for yourself. These words are the words that I live by. Years of dedication to become who I am, temptations pass me by, not part of my intentions.

6. Musically where do you feel you're the strongest on this record?

As a band we feel every track is just as strong as the next. I look at it as an entire album and not individual songs. The label liked The Culling as the main song because they felt it had a little bit of everything we did in it. The performances we got on the album turned out very well. From solos, drums, bass and vocals. We are pleased with the way the album came out.

7. Could you explain the artwork and what does it mean?

The cover is a false door. These were used in many cultures and placed in tombs to speak with either the dead or their deities. Within the door there are 9 planetary bodies. These represent the Ennead. So in essence, its a doorway to the Ennead.

8. What made you want go play with Municipal Waste on just 1 of the 2 dates you plan to play in Florida.

We got offered the show on short notice and took it. OOE are also labelmates with Municial Waste so it made sense. We got the offer from the local promoter though and not from the band. It should be a killer show. We are also doing a show with Hate Eternal and we plan on booking some tours on EU and the U.S. very soon.

9. If you could create your own tour name, line-up and go anywhere what would you pick and why?

Order Of Ennead, Cradle Of Filth, Nevermore and Amon Amarth. It would be a worldwide tour, but there would be a day off after every show so we could hang out in the cities and see the sites. I'd bring my fiancee along and have access to the internet every night. The showers would be clean and fresh fruit at every venue. The tour would be called the "Paradise On Earth Tour" and it sounds like fiction to me.

10. What's the chemistry like having all you guys being from different bands.

The chemistry is fine. We all have our areas that we cover. I'll write the songs. Scott is the recruiter and talker. Steve helps arrange songs and talks with the label and John supplys the solo shredding. Jack Owen is there for comic relief. The guy is hilarious. Scott recently left Resurrection and Steve, Jack and myself also play in Deicde together so we work well together. When Deicide goes on the road we'll take Scott out also. So everyone gets along.

11. Why did you choose to work at the Audio Hammer Studios, and work with Mark Lewis?

That was Scotts doing. He knows Mark Lewis and they have recorded some good records over the last couple of years. We were going to use Morrissound, but it was booked up and it turned out for the best anyway. Mark did a real good job on the record and we look forward to working with him again. After hearing the work they did on the last Black Dahlia Murder it was an easy decision.

12. What does Ennead mean, why did you come up with the band name you choose?

Steve came across the name while reading. When we were discussing band names, that one came up and it stuck. The Ennead are the beings that created man and gave knowledge to man. We have taken this concept and applied it to the band. It fits into the lyrical ideas that we discuss on the album. Self awareness, the purpose of existence and the thirst for understanding.

13. In the end where does Order Of Ennead stand as a unique entity?

The lyrical content is definitely different for black metal and death metal. There is no gore or satanic related material which is all over the scene. There is a lot of variety on the album. From the fast black metal of "Conferring With Demons" and "Dismantling An Empire" to the more death metal of "The Culling" to the grooves of "As Long As I Have Myself I Am Not Alone" and "A Cry To The Perilous Sun". There should be something for fans of all metal genres to feast upon.


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