Mouth Of The Architect Interview

An interview with Dave Mann:

Please introduce yourself, tell me what you do in Mouth Of The Architect, and how long the band has been together?

My name is Dave Mann, and I am the drummer in the band. We have been a band since 2003, and I along with Jason Watkins the keyboardist are the two original members.

Where is the band from and what is the metal scene like there?

We are from the state of Ohio in the city of Dayton. The music scene here has always had its ups and downs. Different styles have had their prominence at one point or another, but the metal scene has always been a bit shaky. There have always been a lot of good musicians here, but the level of support had always been less than good.

Is there any story or concept behind your CD title "Quietly"?

The lyrics to that song were written by Alex Vernon, and were very personal to him. He is no longer in the band, so I won't go too much into his ideas, but the song is about how he always disappoints the ones he loves, the primary reason he is no longer in the band!

What do you know and think of Romania?

Unfortunately, America tends to keep its people ignorant of other countries and cultures. Romania is no exception. I do know that it has produced some wonderful traditional music, but that is about it.

Who did the artwork on the new CD and how much input did you have on it?

During the recording of the record, one of our engineer's friends was present and taking pictures just for the hell of it. It came up that we were having trouble with the person we picked to do the artwork, and she not only offered, but had proofs for us the very next day! She was both motivated and creative, and we had all the input we wanted, luckily all her ideas were great, so not much editing was needed.

Is MySpace the great Satan of the 21st Century?

Eh, it sucks, but it's an amazing international tool for independent bands. How else would someone in Romania know who the hell Mouth Of The Architect is?

Where did you get ideas and inspirations for some of the lyrics on "Quietly"?

Hard livin'.

What are your future plans for Mouth Of The Architect?

We will continue to do what we have always done, write music we like to hear and play, and have fun while we do it.

What do you think of this year's presidential election? Do you like any of the candidates?

Would you rather get burned by fire, or boiling water? I'd rather not get burned at all, thank you.

Would you ever want to do an all acoustic show?

We did a set once without drums, just guitar, samples, and noise. It was fun, and I could see us doing something acoustic in the future. There's never a formula in what we do, so I could see something like that happening in the near future.

What would you compare your music to, out of the varitey of bands out there?

The younger crowd thinks we sound like Neurosis or Isis, whereas people in their 40's and up tend to think we sound like Pink Floyd with some Black Sabbath influence. I personally don't like labels, and think we sound like Mouth Of The Architect.

What bands have you toured with? Are there any that you would definitely want to tour with?

We've toured with Mastodon, Unsane, Today Is The Day, and many other notable bands in that genre. We love touring with good bands full of good people. We want to tour with more of those.

Describe your music to an elderly church lady.

If you don't like the music we make, you will go to hell.

When you look back on when Mouth Of The Architect first started out, what do you think of you guys now?

We've covered a lot of territory musically, and continue to develop and explore new ideas. It has progressed exactly as I thought it would. We've gotten a bit darker, a little more progressive, and our next album probably won't sound like the last.

Any final words of wisdom, thoughts or comments?

The end is near, enjoy the time you have left!

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