The Edge Of Reason Discusses New Music and Themselves!

Emo post-hardcore band THE EDGE OF REASON has been around for a while, releasing content on and off, including an all new release out real soon! The band got together to discuss said release, music creativity, and much more all below.

1. Can you give us a brief summary as to how the band got together?

Long story short: Originally founded back in 2012 as a hobby band made up of four friends, we broke up at the end of 2013 because of musical differences and different opinions on how to move forward with the band. Only our bass player Dani stayed with me. Anyway I released a song (Prison Of Terror) that year under the name of TEOR. By the end of 2016 I luckily met our guitarist Billy at a show with his former band. We got along well both musically and personally and he joined TEOR very soon. After a while we found our new drummer Niko and second guitar player Alex, who became good friends and we started from scratch with TEOR. In 2017 we released our first album "Broken But Not Torn".  

2. What about the band's namesake, what does it mean and how did it come into the picture?

"The Edge Of Reason" is a good expression for the mental health issues we care a lot about and a more emotional view to the world. For us it means to be almost at the point where rationality is lost. And that's how we often feel.

3. What has influenced your sound and style?

We are a five piece band. So there are several different music tastes in the band. I grew up with more of the big heavy metal bands like Metallica, but also Led Zeppelin. My personal influences are mostly bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Falling in Reverse, but also  Twenty One Pilots and even Synthwave stuff. Billy is also into bands like Mötley Crew and Bon Jovi.

4. You have not one but two single's currently "Foolish Heart" and "One Way Ticket", tell me about these?

"One Way Ticket" is based on my anxieties. The feeling that life is rushing past you and there is no turning back. The uncertain and oppressive feeling of dying someday with the same conflicts I had from the beginning. The fear of being "incurable" and all hopes and dreams are unattainable or already behind you.

"Foolish heart"

Ever felt like you‘re losing the game against your demons?

Foolish heart is about the losing game of running from your demons. Trying not to look back and escape from the past, but ending up doing the same mistakes again and again. Alcohol and drugs serve to temporarily numb the pain while the real issues stay untouched. It’s about the great delusion of repression, to think the monster can’t hurt you if you don’t see it anymore.

5. Will these lead to an EP or album release in the future?

It wasn't originally planned, but we recently started thinking seriously about releasing an EP physically, because fans ask for it. There will be an exclusive track on it that will not be released digitally.

6. How would you say you differ from other bands and artists on the scene?

That should be answered by our fans, but they often say that they have never found a band that communicates so closely and openly with their fans. Musically we express ourselves like we feel and do not care about the genre defaults at all.

7. What do you want to achieve as a band?

It's especially important to us to reach out to those who are struggling. We love to spread our message and music to distract people from everyday life at least for a moment.

8. What does next year hold for The Edge Of Reason?

After releasing new songs only digitally in 2022 we will release a phsical EP in 2023 like I said before. We also work on getting back on the stage again and also grow our audience online.

9. Where can people find out more about you?

All our social media and stream links are listet here:

10. Can you describe The Edge Of Reason in three words?

Energetic, emotional, approachable.

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