Mantic Ritual's Dan Wetmore Discusses New EP, New Album and Shows to Come Soon!

Boy! Has it been a wild ride for thrash metal act MANTIC RITUAL whose time together has had it's up's and it's down's from the start to the end to the beginning once again! This time around, the band has returned, giving us a complete run down since our first and only last discussion way back when in 2009! Now that some time has passed the band is back with new material, as vocalist/guitarist Dan Wetmore discusses the new work's, show planning, and all else left to be said below!

1. It's been 13 years since we first and last spoke way back in 2009. So give me a brief summary as to what happened between then and now in 2022?

I mean everything. You’d have to ask everyone specifically, but for me, it was about taking care of the things I needed from life. I’ve never given a shit about a rock n’ roll lifestyle. I was never trying to be Lemmy; playing, drinking and fucking every night. I like all that stuff, but not in excess. Maybe save fucking… I got a degree, met incredible people, bought a few properties, have/have had amazing partners and relationships, worked on cars and on my partner’s farm. Shit like that. Leaving the band in 2009 was the best decision I could have made. 

2. In 2010 the band had called it quits but just a few years later in 2013 a one off reunion show took place what was that like getting the band back together again at that point in time?

Situations like that happen simply. We were asked to play, flights covered, we all could so we did. Would have done it any other time, too. But this was the only time it happened. It was weird, but exhilarating. Carlos was a great fit. I could have used more practice, but it went down pretty OK. I skipped my college graduation to play that show. Again, best decision I could have made. 

3. Then come 2021 the band would reunite officially coming back again, so what was it like reforming yet again years later in 2021?

I never thought we’d have another go, but Jeff came through Pittsburgh and we got to talking. I had tons of written material stashed away and very quickly we realized an album was a viable prospect. We figured out a good system for writing and recording and went for it. I hadn’t been in touch with anyone for a long time, but in 2020 starting talking to Ben and Jeff more. In a way it was natural.

4. During this same year 2021, the band had signed onto M-Theory Audio so why this particular label and how did that all happen?

That’s all thanks to the involvement of Carlos. He was critical in getting that deal, because logistically I’m not sure how much pull we’d have out the gate. I think the music is killer, but we’re not doing 30 day tours to support anything, so label interest potentially seemed limited. More or less, this landed in our lap, but that’s not to downplay it. Marco at M-Theroy has been critical in making these releases a reality. I’m very grateful.

5. From there the band would go on to write and record which would become a limited 7' single with 2 tracks, tell me about it?

Crusader was simply the first track completed. Strong song, but there are even stronger ones behind it. The b-side, Black Funeral is nice n’ juicy and satanic and OK, god bless. There are almost 20 new tracks we’re pulling from. All new material was completed recently.

6. Following this would be what an upcoming EP titled "Heart Set Stone" out this fall, will this lead on to the expected sophomore album?

Yes, we have an album fully written. We’re close to finishing pre-production. There’s no deal for this album, but I’m hoping the recent releases are enough to get us something that will ensure some decent funding for recording and mixing.

7. Has the band re-released your debut album "Executioner" (2009) or plan too?

That’s in the works. Stay tuned!

8. The band had planned to do a tour or show but that did not take place, is there any word on any upcoming events?

We were going to play a show last summer, but because of covid shit, it fell through. No, no current shows lined up, but we intend to. It will happen, but it just hasn’t lined up yet.

9. What else does the band have lined up for 2022 into the next year?

Nothing for 2022 yet, but I think it’s possible we record another video and play a few shows. I’d like to head out to LA before Ben moves back to Pittsburgh. 2023 should definitely see the new full length. 

10. Do you want to say anything else to the fans both old and new out there?

Yes. Fans? Hello fans, can you hear me? Thanks for sticking around after all this time. I’m writing the best heavy metal I can. This shit is really considered because number one: we’re all losing money on this. And number two: I have no reason to do this other than because I love it and I mean what I do and say. I’m not religious by any stretch of the imagination, but as a kid, heavy metal truly was my salvation. There is a passion in heavy metal and punk that no other kind of music can touch and that’s why I’m doing this. In art and music almost everything has been done, so I can’t claim originality. But without sounding like crap, I’m trying to put my edge on it. Is anyone reading this? Let’s get real… But thanks if you have. -Dan

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