Hirax’s Backyard Return Since 87, with a Birthday Bonus Performance!


Back in June thrash metal act Hirax returned to the stage the first time in a while somewhat. They did a minor show beforehand at the Rainbow out in Hollywood. But they would returned to the stage yet again this past summer performing at The Regent Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, California. It would be a month later that they would announce the next showcase taking place in the fall, late summer time in September during Labor Day weekend on of all days MY BIRTHDAY!

Yes I Natalie of Natalie’s World would have her Birthday happening September 3rd since my birth back in 1987. This also being the same day that Hirax would play their next show BUT there was an add-on about this show, it would be a backyard show, one happening since the first and last one took place way back when in 1987! So this time this show would have a lot of meaning behind it really.

So come September 3rd Hirax would go on to perform said show taking place out in East Los Angeles, California, at someone’s house, where they welcomed the band with open arm’s and gratitude. The band being very grateful and thankful for this family allowing such an event to take place after all this time and boy was it an event to witness.

Opening the show sometime after 8PM would be Disciples Of Death or D.O.D, their styling be death metal combined with thrash metal! Their set list consisted of an array of work’s, getting the crowd of on-looker’s quite a sight and an experience of pure excitement. The mosh pit, caused an uproar of happiness really, everyone in it pushing one another, headbanging here and there to just enjoying the experience giving shouts and cheers from whichever way possible.

Disciples Of Death:

Next up would come Velosity a punk thrash metal band, whose act had some mishaps, but the band pulled through it. The crowd kept that same energy and momentum going. Having the band experience some technical difficulties at time’s, even performing their finale song not once but twice, made the crowd enjoy it better. It was a lot of same formula as far as the crowd’s reactions and energy was concerned but it was still all in good fun too.


Following these acts would be Witchaven, a blacken thrash metal band, wanted the crowd’s energy all the way up! Lot’s of howl’s, shouts, cheers, and tons of energy like never before, kept the excitement hyped. The performance was energetic, fun, and highly outgoing. The band kept the crowd highly pleased and everyone there headbanged, moshed, and so much more it was a howling experience to be had.


Last up would be the headliner’s Hirax, with their thrash metal delightfulness. Thanking the opening band’s, then the crowd and family who put this altogether besides themselves, the band got right into the matter of it all. Performing for a good hour or so, tons of songs including an all new track with a ton of the old school working’s as well. The mosh pit was already opened up previously, but now the crowd from all angles kept it consistent. Even crowd surfer’s, kept up with little room available, and the stage provided, the fans around them held them high, letting some down gently, others falling flat. The band themselves thanked the fans again for so much energy and so much fun happening right then and there too. But one of the most memorable pieces during the band’s set would be the ending, as they would sing to me HAPPY BIRTHDAY yes indeed! It was overwhelming and so exciting, I jumped on stage and welcomed the song with such phrase and happiness, I was purely overjoyed!


A lot of the song’s that the band had played would be such as “Baptized By Fire”, “Black Smoke”, “Lightning Thunder”, “Hostile Territory”, and “Hellion Rising” to name off a few, ending the night with “El Diablo Negro” and “Bombs of Death”. Great tune’s with tons of performance energy, which has been said a lot I know, but it is so very true!

So much happened, with lot’s to be had, I had one of the best birthday experience’s and day’s to date in my life, aside from my 21st birthday. This 35th birthday would be one me and everyone else present would likely never ever to be forgotten. 


1. Battle of the North

2. Baptized by Fire

3. Warlords Command

4. Faster Than Death

5. Black Smoke

6. The Plague

7. Lightning Thunder

8. Solo

9. Hate Fear and Power

10. Hostile Territory

11. Broken Neck

12. Hellion Rising

13. Mouth Sewn Shut

14. Diablo Negro

15. Bombs of Death

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