AHTOH SKALD Releases New Album

Russian Folk Metal/Neoclassical musician AHTOH SKALD released his new album "Songs for my Father". The release was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dmitriy Lutskovskiy and Theodor Borovski. The new release really knows how to work with the association and imagination of the listener, giving birth to images from famous films about pirates of the Middle Ages and sea voyages, as if inviting them on a journey.

Check out the album linked below:



1.Зов Морей (Call of the Seas)

2.Безмятежная Гладь (Serene Smooth)

3.Лишь Простор (Only the vasteness)

4.Call of the Seas (No Vox version)

5.Only the vasteness (Instrumental)

6.Serene Smooth (bonus simple version)

7.Напев Кабестана (Song of Kabestan)

8.Only the vasteness (No Vox old version)

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