Pasadena’s Comic Con Keeps Things Minor Yet Still Pleasant

Pasadena, California has had it’s array of events, but come the fall of 2019 into 2020, an assortment of events would he canceled due to a pandemic sweeping around the globe. Come 2021 into 2022, numerous events would slightly occur but one taking place in Pasadena, would be moved into 2022. So once that New Year arose so would the Pasadena Comic Con at the Pasadena Convention Center.

Taking place one day in the middle of January, on a Sunday the 23rd, geeks, nerds, and fans alike would gather, some decked out in cosplay attire, being dressed up in costume, as others wore their favorite accessories, t-shirts, and more of their favorite comic characters and icons. A long line spun around the building, fans eagerly waiting to get into the complex. Once inside after a quick check of their vaccination cards, and face masks, as this was done during the covid-19 timing, all was soon well and good to go!

I myself had gotten inside after checking in, then I hit the floor, browsing about, checking out the numerous booths of art, handbags, comic books of course, lots of action figures, toys, and appeal. A good majority of the convention had a handful of special guests, such as Johnny Yong Bosch who is known best as a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, as well as a voice actor in some anime like Bleach, Sailor Moon, among others. Other guests included William Daniel’s from Knight Rider and Boy Meets World, another Daniel named Daniel Ross who has been a voice actor from TV and commercials like Mickey Mouse Funhouse, Lucky Charm’s character Lucky, and Bob West another voice actor best known as Barney the Dinosaur the original! But other guests included artists in comics like Tony Fleecs, whose work includes My Little Pony and Stray Dogs. Many other artists and celebrity guests had attended, each and every one of them having a nice time meeting and greeting with fans both old and new.

I was lucky enough to have met Bob West who was the original and first voice for Barney the Dinosaur! He was very nice, and even did Barney’s voice! It was such a pleasant time chatting with him and getting to meet him nonetheless. Hope to meet the rest of the Barney gang eventually….. 

All in all though the Pasadena Comic Con was small but pleasing through and through. I had a splendid time, and even walked away with a few items in tow, with a smile spreading as far and wide as possible. If you haven’t gone before then be sure to check this con out next time it arrives in little old Pasadena.

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