A Midnight Tragedy's Dallas Talks After Sometime Has Passed....

Rock band A MIDNIGHT TRAGEDY is a four piece from out on the east coast, having released a handful of content, including a recent single, vocalist/guitarist Dallas Sanchez comes back to talk about what has come about since the last time we spoke sometime ago.

1. It's been quite a while since we last spoke, so what happened between then and now?

Dallas: A lot. Since we last spoke I believe we put out one last E.P and toured a bit before riding off into the sunset.  Life happened for a lot of us and we wanted to take some time off to explore and grow.  We see how long that lasted.

2. You went on to release your debut EP and album "Lost Under Infinite Sorrow". But went out and released a new song and video release titled "You're to Blame", tell me about this?

Dallas: So after we released “Lost” we played everywhere, big shows, small shows, out of state shows.  We went everywhere we could to showcase our big rock opera.  We started writing and decided we wanted to put something fresh out there and You’re to Blame was definitely a good representation of where our sound was heading.

3. Can you tell me about when Dallas was able to perform alongside The Misfits for their song "Forbidden Zone"?

Dallas: Jerry said no at first haha.  He wanted to rehearse and there was no time.  We had opened for them 3 times and I felt confident enough in our relationship to let him know I had been a lifelong fan and could do it.  After a few minutes of deliberation he asked if I knew forbidden zone and the rest was history.

4. Do you have any new music in the works that we can expect to hear or see in the form of a video release?

Dallas: We are actually in the process of writing a new album.  There are a few demos circulating and we have discussed that the only way to present any new music moving forward is with visual media.  So to answer your question, yes.

5. In 2019 the original line-up of A Midnight Tragedy had came together why did you want to get the original bill back together?

Dallas: So around September of 2018 our guitarist had an amazing opportunity present itself and it unfortunately relocated him to Georgia.  We were burnt out and kind of at the end so we never really even had a final show.  Around April of 2019 I started talking with some of the original members of the band about possibly doing one last show with the original lineup, we would play our very first album “Reinventing The End” in its entirety and move on from there.  It was a way to add closure to a 13 year journey and send it off the right way.

6. So is the current line-up as of right now the original or is it all new members altogether?

Dallas: The current lineup is indeed the original lineup.  We are older and wiser and more developed musically so for us to come together with a more mature approach is really cool.

7. After that event took place, another one happened known as covid-19, what ran through your head when you heard the news up until this day and time!

Dallas: Honestly, we had already hung it all up so it was a relief that we got to have that last show before the world took that right away from us.  Once the world shut down and the restrictions took place we all put more focus on ourselves and our families and that was honestly the best thing we could’ve done.

8. Do you or any of the other members have any other projects going on you would like to discuss?

Dallas: Well, I do have a solo project on SoundCloud under the name Dallas DeAlba.  As far as the other guys, we are all parents except for John who has a successful recycling company that he built from the ground up.  Our lead guitarist Ryan has a successful DJ business and is really making a name for himself in that world.  Dan and River are raising families as well as working hard in their respective careers. Dan is an Emmy award winning engineer and always has something going on.  

9. What about plans for the band anything to mention?

Dallas: We do have a show with Crashing Atlas coming up in February which also coincides with my (Dallas) birthday.  We recently had a comeback show Halloween weekend and it was a huge success so we decided it was time to ride the wave and play some shows.

10. Thanks for the catch-up, have any final words of expression?

Dallas: In March of 2020 the world told us we weren’t allowed to live.  We had to confirm to this new way of life and be ok with it.  That was something we just couldn’t do.  After our “last show” October of 2019 we felt good and always intended to do it again.  When we couldn’t, we realized we were taking our own passion for granted and actually spiting ourselves.   We decided to have “one more show” that turned into what it is now.  I’m not saying we are chasing record deals or booking tours, what I am saying is that there is still more life in AMT and we look forward to showing everyone what we have coming.  Thank you Natalie for always keeping AMT relevant.

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