BABYBEARD Release New Music Video for “Nippon Kara Konnichiwa”

Ladybeard’s new kawaii-metal group BABYBEARD has released the long awaited music video for their debut single “Nippon Kara Konnichiwa”!!!

The video, shot entirely on green screen and directed by Toichiro Okada, is a bizarro sleigh ride through a Japanese fever dream. Ladybeard, SUZU and KOTOMI take viewers on a cutely confusing adventure through the the kind of insanity that only Japan could concoct. Screaming out a massive “Konnichiwa!” from the land of the rising sun, we’re gonna transport you to the land of the dropping jaw!

“Nippon Kara Konnichiwa” has premiered on BABYBEARD’s YouTube channel, at the link below

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