Paul Bartolome Discusses New Single AND Makes BIG Announcement!

Rock n' roller PAUL BARTOLOME has a lot to discuss as far as new music, most recent working's and a BIG announcement to be said as well! Find out all below!

1. So last time we talked was when you had released your last single "Time Bomb", and have since released another single titled "Medicine", how do these compare, differ, and come into equals to one another?

Yeah that's right, we'd literally just dropped "Time Bomb" with Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens and had just started to see some chart success at Billboard and on radio, but in my honest opinion I Love Time Bomb, it helped me writing that song and a lot of my fans that's there favorite song I've done! But because of the  nature of the song and the story behind it being so personal as I'd mentioned in our previous interview, I didn't feel comfortable doing a bunch of merch, and fun content around that song. Jumping on a camera an trying to sound super happy an positive an joking around felt off in someway... maybe cos it was so fresh to me at the time.. 

But yeah I kinda stayed away from all that an just let the song do it's thing. Where as Medicine is the SUPER fun, experimental summer banger! Nothing too deep, the  lyrics of course have a deeper layer but I'll leave that up to interpretation. But it's just a super fun vibe, the summer anthem and full out party song! Sonically they fit really well together even tho they are super different tracks.. but yeah medicine is just a different vibe and super fun and energetic. We have merch out for that one and a bunch of crazy fun stuff content wise coming for it as well! 

2. Now tell me all about your "Medicine" single, what is it about, why did you want to write it, what does it mean for you?

So "Medicine" really came about after my song "Devils in the Details" became one of the most popular songs off my last album. I loved the vibe of that track but  always thought... man what if I'd have gone full rock on it... took out the electric drums an replaced with live, cranked the gain on the guitars, took the synth bass and put a driving distorted bass and way more energy and rockiness to the vocals... and then yeah.. "Medicine" was born haha! I loved the guitar style and Latin vibe I had done on "devils" so I wanted to capture that but add the energy, the band and the rocke edge! I call it "Santana meets hard rock". I actually hit up Santana to do a solo on the track! And I can confirm as I'm sure you've seen.. he did not get back. BUT maybe a remix one day if he ever sees this HIT ME UP! The lyrics sort of follow on from the "Devils in the Details" lyrical story. Again nothing crazy deep but definitely still deals with the addiction and the struggles it can cause and the duality you face with the "I really need this... but i know it's so bad for me... but just once it'll feel good.. but I shouldn't" you know that inner battle? that's what this song really capitalizes on. Hence why to some people the lyrics might not make a lot of sense cos it keeps contradicting itself THAT'S THE POINT! (I thought I was being smart when I wrote it).

3. You mentioned in our last talk about bringing back the "Insta Live Gigs", discuss what these are and are they back as of yet?

Unfortunately it's on the list of "things to do" but the list seems to be getting longer, and longer, and longer everyday and yeah I just have NOT had the time yet. BUT we will do one real soon for sure! They were super fun through lockdown connecting with the fans teasing some new songs, having a drink and just jamming it was a great time. So I will definitely be bringing them back ASAP!

4. There was also mention of a HUGE show was this the Ink Fest coming up or another show altogether?

There was indeed and YES it was of course INKcarceration festival. This September in Ohio in America. I am super excited and it's a huge privilege to be asked to  play and open up for the amazing bands playing! - Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Escape The Fate, Ice Nine Kills, New Years Day, badflower, Steel Panther... to name a few.  Not only will this be my FIRST ever show in the states it will also be my first EVER festival I've ever been to.. let alone played! So it is going to be INSANE. We are deep in rehearsals for it currently.. we have a super energetic and fun set that Will have something for everyone so I'm looking forward to getting there and the fact that Live shows are back! 

5. How many shows and or a tour does PB have in-store if anything?

We have A LOT in the works right now for next year and end of this year... unfortunately I can't disclose any of this as of yet as much as I'd like to! 

6. PB has always been a project as yourself Paul Bartolome, but is there anything more you would like to express about it perhaps evolving into something more than just a solo act?

YES! I'm sure you've noticed I keep saying WE - "WE have a lot in the works" , "WE have a super energetic and fun set" and so on.. SO after doing my first tour with my band across UK and Europe. Something really clicked and I instantly thought damn.. this should be on a record, this energy, this vibe! And literally since that moment we  started the discussions behind the scenes and made it a thing my so called "Tour Band" that everyone is now super familiar with have now become "THE BAND". Paul Bartolome is now a full band. 

We are keeping the name for many reasons as main one is... I've worked my ass for years to get to where I am now under my name, to just change it and start from scratch would be kinda silly and also the fact that I still write and produce everything myself. It's still very much my baby of course and my outlet. Only now my Drummer - David Bartolome writes and plays the drums on the album that he will be playing live as well! as well as some production stuff across it as well! My Rhythm guitarist - Ryan Thompson Plays all the rhythm parts he'd play on tour ON the album! And my bass player - Jamie Streater plays all the bass parts he'll play on tour on the album as well! So it's still very much me writing the songs still but it has just created this super cool and unique vibe that I hadn't anticipated! 

And the fact they are always in the music videos.. was almost like a HEY guys get to know these boys cos this is IT NOW!  That's why the music video for "Medicine" was shot the way it was.. individually for the first time to give everyone there own time in the spotlight and to really showcase this is a full band officially now! As it has been in the works since March 2020... all the way to now in the background... got a whole documentary about the new album and going away just us as a band and doing it together and the video shoots and all the discussions behind the scenes etc..! So yes we've done the opposite of Panic at the disco... they have a band name yet on the album it's 1 guy then live the band... but with us  we have MY name... but on the album it's a band! haha So I'm super pumped to let everyone hear all the hard work all 4 of us have put into this music and get out on the road!

7. Your two recent single's are just that single's but will they be included in an upcoming EP or LP follow-up to your 2020 release "Screaming Through The Radio"?

I can confirm.. that Album 3 is DONE and in final stages of mixing.... and it is INSANE! Super different vibe to "Screaming through the radio" as I mentioned with the band on it now it created this crazy energy and distinct style and sound that for me "STTR" didn't have... this all sounds like 1 artist, 1 band, 1 consistent style while still experimenting. There's some stuff people will NOT expect from us and I'm looking forward to people hearing that then playing it live. 

8. This last time we spoke was during the spring time, so did you have any cool spring time activities back then?

Honestly it was same as now... in the famous and inspiring words of Rhianna -  Work, work, work, Work, Work... but it's all going to pay off and it already is starting to. Super exciting stuff happening behind the scenes and me and the boys are PUMPED!

9. Now that it's the middle of the summer now, any summer plans at hand you have gotten to do or plan to do?

Only thing really is Aug 23rd 2 days after my bday me and the band will be flying out to barbados for 2 weeks for a nice chilled trip, and relax then fly direct into the states from there play the festival in sept then shoot back home! That's really the only plan rest of summer is spent working our asses off to afford it! Haha!

10. What else does good old PB have lined up for the rest of 2021 that you would like to share with everyone and everybody?

There's a lot we are working on. You can DEFINITELY expect another single... an album announcement, new merch, a ton of content, and some announcements SOON!  So stay tuned and thank you for all the support! And thank you for taking the time to talk to me!  - Paul Bartolome -

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