Obsolete Theory Chats of Fest, Music, and More!

Inspirational band OBSOLETE THERORY combines the likes of black metal, doom metal, and death metal to create a style all their own. With that, they have released an array of content, and plan to take place in part of a summer fest! The band chats of this fest, their music and more.

1. So how did you get involved with being a part of the "Bloody News Online Fest: Insane Summer Gathering 2021"?

Sa’vaanth: In the simplest way: Kostya directly asked us. So, he offered us the opportunity to be part of the festival and we accepted. The other bands are great and the festival is well managed, so we are very happy to be part of this event!

2. To those who may not be familiar with your band, can you give us a brief summary?

Raygon: Our first years were less focused on a project and more experienced like a divertissement, hours of rehearsals enjoying music and shaping the sound.  From 2016 onwards, with the current line-up,  Obsolete Theory gradually became a solid core of people with heterogeneous ideas and tastes in music, that through fight and hate produce some nice music. It’s like showing to the listener the product of a brawl.

Daevil: We realized some nice stuff in the earlier years, with the past line-up: our first EP and a video clip, and our music was quite different than the newest one. And yes , we reached the latest sound shape with the current line-up since 2016.

3. How would you describe your style?

Sa’vaanth: Our roots are surely in Black Metal, but we don’t shut ourselves in any boundaries . We like to move into Doom Metal, Death Metal and wherever the inspiration calls us. I would define our music as Post Black Metal because “Post” can be “everything” in this sense.

4. What have you release so far and how can someone find your material online?

Daevil: I’ll be very professional right now answering this question:

2012: Demo 2012 -EP- (Unsigned)

2013: The Wraith Beyond -Videoclip-

2016: Prophecy (V.18:6) -Videoclip-

2018: MUDNESS -LP-(My Kingdom Music)

2019: The Mirror (V.21:6) -Videoclip-

2021: DAWNFALL -LP-(My Kingdom Music)

You can find all our stuff on YouTube and Bandcamp (inclusive of the earlier works) and of course on Spotify, Apple music etc regarding the latest ones. Still there’s also some very obsolete ways to have our stuff and enjoy our music: to search for our CDs in the physical or virtual shops, asking us directly, or even coming to our gigs.

5. Why should someone buy your works?

Daevil: For we are the most  beautiful ones.

OW: And We have awesome album covers!

Sa’vaanth: Well, it’s hard to find a good answer! I simply say that if someone really likes our music it would be the right  reward if he/she decides to support us buying our works. We always spend a lot of effort, time and resources in songwriting, arrangement and production and it’s very motivating when people support you.

6. How would you say you differ from other bands and artists on the scene? 

Daevil: Like for the previous question: we are the most beautiful ones.

Raygon: And we have the best album covers!

7. What do you want to achieve as a band?

Sa’vaanth: To be appreciated just for making the music we like to create and play , with no compromise. 

Daevil: To be honest we don’t often speak about what we would like to achieve. Probably it’s something like a taboo, you know… But I’m pretty sure everyone of us would strongly like to play gigs in the greatest Metal events one day, like Wacken, Brutal Assault, Summer Breeze and so on,  in front of thousands of people wildly headbanging and screaming our songs.

8. What does this next year have in-store for you guys?

Sa’vaanth: Currently we are already working on new stuff! We’re collecting several ideas from everyone of us and we’re shaping new material. Meanwhile we’re also thinking about where to move our next step as soon as we're ready. 

9. Where can the fans and new comers find out more about you?

Sa’vaanth: We are present on Facebook and Instagram (not TikTok, we are too obsolete for that!), we also have a band YouTube channel and Bandcamp page where you can find our unsigned stuff. For the signed music we are present in the YouTube channel of our label, My Kingdom Music, and its Bandcamp. You can also find our stuff on the major music streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer…

10. Can you describe your band in just three words?


This is easy:

“Cheerful - Lovely - Sunny”

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