Paul Bartolome Says Much on New Single And Other Announcements Coming Soon!

Two years have passed since we last spoke with PAUL BARTOLOME who has since released all new music, including an all single titled "Time Bomb". But that's not all, more content is coming up, with so much more that has yet to be announced! Big Paul himself says so much about all the time that has since gone by since we last spoke!

1. So it's been 2 years since we last spoke, what has Paul Bartolome been up too since then?

It's been crazy, I went on a sold out tour across UK & Europe which also happened to be my first tour EVER, I dropped my album "Screaming Through The Radio" that I went to Arizona to do with the man himself Matt Good, The album is closing in on 1 million streams on spotify alone! I started an exclusive Patreon for fans to get some more fun content, some music content, requests etc, Dropped a song and music video with Danny Worsnop (Asking Alexandria), Started writing and recording a brand new album, rented a big house in the middle of nowhere in the countryside set up 2 studios and fully self produced the record, Dropped my most personal single yet with Kellin Quinn (sleeping with sirens) and it just debuted Top 40 on Billboard and loads of other awesome things behind the scenes as well being planned! Shot a new music video and shot a documentary that'll come before the end of the year so to say I've been keeping busy would be an understatement. 

2. What was your reaction to the reality that is covid-19 when it struck in 2020 and is still around today in 2021?

It was crazy, we were on tour when Covid started going around back when everyone thought it would just blow over, I remember we played Paris and went on Facebook in our hotel room and the first post I saw was "Covid Hits Paris" haha. So I felt like it was following us and we thought like everyone else it was being blown out of proportion and in a week's time no one will be speaking about it..... How we were wrong. Luckily we managed to finish the tour just before everything went into lockdown. And it was the worst.. one minute I'm travelling all over the UK and Europe with my band and then next minute I can't even go see them, or go down the pub or the gym I could only facetime them so it was a crazy time that hit extremely hard. 

3. During the time frame that is covid-19 what did you do to pass the time, how much content did you unleash or plan to release?

Being in a strict lockdown with no idea of when it could end definitely inspired me to not only write this album (as I wasn't planning on writing another album for at least a year and just tour the whole of 2020) but also make this album my most personal yet and for the first time I really used music to actually help just get me through! And used it as a personal diary almost. On top of that I also started doing Insta live gigs every Friday, started a patron doing some music content, bts content and just some fun content as well! Within this lockdown we also dropped my album "Screaming through the radio" which was weird as we had a tour planned and then planned on booking more to really tour the hell out of the album and still to this day.. I've yet to tour that album since it was out so that in itself became a struggle trying to really promote without touring it properly. So I tried to stay focused as much as possible on content and writing but was definitely a real struggle to keep positive and focused but luckily I've got a good team around me that helped keep things positive. 

4. You did release a new single titled "Time Bomb" featuring a guest spot from Kellin Quinn, discuss how the two of you came together for this particular track and why did you want him to be a part of it?

Yeah the Song was coming together pretty fast I'd sent it around to the band, management etc and it was clear it had "Single" vibes and was a good representation of the album sound... SO that being said I knew that not only would it benefit having a big name on it if it's the first single but also I knew I wanted someone from  that world on this track.. So Kellins name was thrown in the mix and it really just made sense for the type of song, his voice would really just elevate the track and fit the vibe. So I hit him up, sent him the track, he got back that night, 2 days later sent the vocals back and he'd done more than I'd even asked! Added his own ad libs, tracked harmonies etc.. So a really nice easy guy to work with, extremely talented and he killed it! so nothing but praise for the guy and he's been helping  with the promo of the track as well so can't ask for more really! 

5.  Can you disclose the details behind this single that is "Time Bomb", what makes it so special and what you said on it being a "personal song"?

I actually had the instrumental for a while, and I just never did anything with it, and I was going through sorting all the live tracks out, and sorting stems for mixing and came cross it, So just out of curiosity as I had about 30 songs for this record so couldn't remember what was what so had a listen and all of a sudden I was singing the chorus melody you hear today, then the verse, then lyrics were coming to me, then It was clear this was an important song and I started adapting  the instrumental a little re working it and then sure enough it became the track you hear today. 

The song is the most personal song I've done for sure. Me and my girl got pregnant and were super excited and happy and unfortunately lost the baby a week before the "Criminal" music video. And I just never really dealt with it properly. I closed myself off, didn't talk to the band, stopped doing Patreon videos, Stopped replying to any business related emails or DM's and just took a real step back. I stopped caring about the music video and just told the company to take care of everything, Luckily I have a great relationship and friendship with the video company so I knew it would be in safe hands. I just didn't wanna speak about it with anyone and I also had this overwhelming feeling of guilt that I wasn't doing enough to help my girl. 

As she was the one carrying the baby and really going through it. So there was a lot of guilt that Maybe I wasn't doing enough or being positive and helping and also guilt that there was nothing I could do really to help. SO it was a very difficult time and was the hardest thing I've ever gone through for sure.. So that being said Danny Worsnop actually was a big help and was the one who said to me about writing how I  felt into a song might help and I think writing and recording "Time Bomb" even tho it was the hardest song to write and record it was one of the most important as in a weird way after it was done tracked, mixed and finalized it felt like it actually helped me deal with things best I can. And this whole album was sort of like my way of dealing with lockdown, the miscarriage's, pressures and other topics that are throughout the record. 

6. Do you have any other newer content on the horizon whether that be single's or an upcoming release being an EP or LP?

Yeah "Time Bomb (feat. Kellin Quinn)" is obviously out right now and killing it right now and at the moment of this interview is sitting at #36 on Billboard 

Mainstream Rock Indicator charts, #23 on the Foundations Charts and #4 on the Top 10 Greatest Gainers so we will keep pushing that hard as we can! I just shot a music Video for the next single, Obviously the album (announcement to come soon) and the documentary as well! 

So there is A LOT! on the way and announcements will be coming soon for all that good stuff! As well as some live stuff.... We are on the verge of announcing a HUGE show but don't know when so probably can't say just yet which sucks but it is going to be INSANE AND THIS YEAR!!!

7. Besides music, is Paul Bartolome involved in any other online service like Twitch streaming or YouTube LIVE or anything like that that the fans check you out on?

I am not but we are definitely looking at bringing back the Insta Live gigs as they were super fun in the first lockdown so there's talks to bring that back real soon. Life has just been so crazy, stressful and busy that I haven't actually had the time to do anything else haha! But Working on a lot of exciting things in the background that everyone will see and hear soon. 

8. You have done an array of collabs with numerous musicians, would you say that you have reached your goal with whom you wanted to work with or not just yet?

Yeah it's actually kinda crazy to look back and see that I've worked with nearly everyone in this hard rock or "scene" kinda world at this point haha. Danny Worsnop was obviously a goal since day 1 so the fact I not only had him on the song, but then he flew down to the UK on my bday, bought me dinner, we shot some  fun content, Played some Call of Duty (i suck at it) but Danny carried me to my first ever top 5 instead of my usual first one out spot haha. we shot a 15 hour video  shoot together and then also secured a Tour with Danny for the UK that was meant to be This year but got cancelled due to F*****G COVID!!!!! WHICH BLOWS! But when that gets rescheduled as far as it stands I'm still on it so that will be nuts. But there are definitely still a lot of artists I'd love to work with!! I love collabing and having some of my favorite artists on songs with me is just dope. So there are a few people I'm definitely interested in working with Still big and small! A big one would be someone like Jared Leto or Patrick Stump that would be NUTS... And as crazy as it sounds ONE DAY it'll happen... or will get close and then they will just think "who the F**K is this guy" haha! 

9. What else do you have in-store for 2021 that we can expect?

Lots planned, as said previously my best, most personal, and most cohesive album, singles, documentary, SHOWS, Patreon content and lots, lots more. That you will all find out soon.

10. Would you like to say or add on anything more?

Just a huge thank you, thank you for your time and support and a huge thank you to everyone who stuck with me and supported in these crazy times whether you bought merch or signed up as a patreon, or even just Dm'd me to say you like the music it all means the world and helps me more than you know! And I can't  wait for you all to hear what's in store and get back out on the road and at this point tour my last album and this new one! Shows are gonna be insane and Imma make sure i stay as long as I need to after the show to take pictures, or just chat to all the fans!! it's been too long and can't wait to get back out! And most importantly KEEP REQUESTING TIME BOMB AT YOUR LOCAL RADIO!!!!!! Time Bomb (feat. Kellin Quinn) Out Now! Stream, Share, Watch, Download, Request at radio!!! Thank you guys much love. Stay Tuned.

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