Legoland’s Build ‘N Play Days Brings Kids Imagine Nation to LIVE Life and Playtime at the Park!

California has it's assortment of theme parks, most located in Southern California being a bit of a distance from Los Angeles County. Most known would likely be Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, or others like Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm or one of a different type Legoland. Yes Lego as in the toy brand and actual toy known as Legos. Legoland California Resort has been around for sometime and most recently did re-open in March 2021. With cases of covid-19 still lingering since it started in March 2020, this theme park took safety into account. Making their theme park a way to play the right way!

This is where "Build 'N Play Days at Legoland California Resort" take place from March 2021 into April 2021! The park having Kids Imagine Nation a local Californian band, whose encouragement of your imagination and friendship is sewn through the songs and storytelling of their creation. Hence forth they have had their band mates interchange accordance to scheduling and set-ups. Being a trio act, is Aaron, Rachel and Beatz the robot! But Beatz the robot having two versions of himself, along with Aaron and Rachel but further details on that can be found within their entire serious on YouTube!

But since their start at Legoland in March, the shows would commence and go quite well. So much in fact, that the band had some fans of theirs, give word of receiving tickets they could not use, so a contest was made and tickets would be given out! It would be then that Natalie’s World would win the tickets and get to see Kids Imagine Nation LIVE for the second then third time, since KIN (Kids Imagine Nation) would do a few performances a day at the park.

The first KIN show would be the “Science Fair”, where Aaron would submit a science project, goofy antics would occur, along with music, interaction with the audience, lots of dancing and downright fun!  This segment would just be a lot of fun to witness and it was, so much in fact that everyone there had a lot of excitement and energy to spare. Sometime later the next segment “Imagination” would take place, having the band call out for everyone present to use their imagination of course, with much more fun, dancing, music, and goofs to sort. Just so much laughs would be available during this one, because it was just so entertaining and lots of fun to witness. Kids Imagine Nation is just so much fun to see LIVE in person especially at a place like Legoland!

Speaking of which, Legoland’s “Build ‘N Play Days” would allow guests to not only see KIN LIVE in person, but the park would be open, with live music done by KIN and the theme park brass band too. A build your own boat was set, for guests to come and create their own boats and float them on the water. With so much more to explore, many of the lands built out of lego’s of course, many sights being landmarks from California, New York, Washington, and more. Other area’s of the park were closed off, but others like the model scenery where the Lego Movie set pieces could be seen, as well as the 4D theater where mini features of numerous Legoland properties can be seen. The remainder of the theme park, did have other displays made out of lego’s that was quite the sight to see. 

It was truly an experience to remember really. With the rides and other attractions being closed off for the mean time, it didn’t really disappoint much. Kids Imagine Nation made the park experience a whole lot of fun, and what could be seen from Legoland itself was still pleasing to the eyes. All in all though, Legoland’s “Build ‘N Play Days”, was a time that could be remembered for numerous things but a fun time is most notably one.

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