Following the release of their poignant tribute cover of David Bowie’s classic ‘Five Years,’ Duran Duran share their official music video in continued celebration of the late and legendary icon.

Directed by regular collaborator Gavin Elder, and using state of the art technology and VFX, Elder oversaw the filming of each band member remotely in both London and Los Angeles and incorporated the work of experimental artist Teek Mach – known for capturing the human touch in virtual and digital spaces, using Titlbrush and Unity – collectively creating a truly unique and modern music video, fit for these times, bringing each band member together in one space, virtually.

"Shooting in lockdown was challenging as we had to film the band members one at a time, but this gave each of them the opportunity to deliver a unique and intimate performance,” explains Gavin Elder. Virtual Production Producer Scot Barbour continues: “Not only did we get to work with the megastars in Duran Duran, but also with some unique technical processes. Producing this video was a collaborative effort that certainly stretched across the Pond. The production team shot three of the band members, the two backing singers and the string section separately in London, under Elder’s direction, and then completed the filming with Kerry Brown’s Rolling Live Studios team in Los Angeles, for guest pianist Mike Garson, and Duran bassist John Taylor. I then conformed the edited footage from London and exported the selects to our VFX team at Mercury Studios who handled all of the compositing work in Nuke. Between us, we established a unique pipeline to achieve the desired look and feel of the video."  In yet another Duran Duran ‘first’, this marks the first time that Tiltbrush, Unity, Nuke, Premiere and Resolve have been combined in this way to create a music video.

Watch the official music video for ‘Five Years’ HERE.

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