Big Merino - Suburban Wildlife

For an act like Big Merino to say "We play original rocky, bluesy, country funky music", says a lot. But does it necessarily? Well in this case, it does, because their most recent album "Suburban Wildlife", does just that, delivering a fusion of said genres, creating something fun yet highly entertaining as well.

Opening up with the track titled "Black Cockatoos", it lets the release breathe lightly, whereas the follow-up track "How Can You Be So Sure", makes the melodies and harmonics more grounded yet edgy. Like how the instrumentation, builds itself as the track moves along, makes them so gripping, it becomes catching more quicker than one would think possible. Whilst the vocalization provided, makes it energetic, yet fun filled.

Other notable tracks like "Turn This Boat Around", Blackwater", "Love Letter From a Fool", and "Hands in the Fire", are likely the tracks to be the most to "stand out" upon this release. In terms of the quality within these track selections, the material is solid, making the works, still catching, and fun, but very memorable to. They just become tunes, you can find yourself humming along to, if not dancing with, rather upright or sitting down. Either or, you will find yourself grooving to the beats easily.

As for whom they sound like, they don't really sound much like anyone else around. They are their own band, making them more original and unique that way. Surely the album that is "Suburban Wildlife", will create further space, for others to discover an act like this one here. If they be not found out, then their tracks should be taken into consideration more likely by all means possible.
Otherwise, Big Merino be an act, of its kind and time, that will only be known very little, when they need be known a lot more so than others. In other words, their music is just as they depicted it, original, with just the right amount of rocky, bluesy, and funky all in one good source of a release, called "Suburban Wildlife".

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