Hadeon - Sunrise

Hadeon's debut album "Sunrise" takes on the likeness of progressive, rock, and metal, think Dream Theater crossed with Genesis, some acts to which Hadeon's have taken influence from, so it makes a lot of sense. But for the most part, this album does provide quite an array of material, going on to be quite solid and well grounded. When it comes to such tracks as "Thoughts 'n' Sparks", "Chaotic Picture", "I Divided", and "Never Thought", to name a few, the rest of the album are just there to be memorable. While these right here, last longer, keeping up an energy division, that keeps the music fresh, unique, and expressive. The tracks progress the music forward, directing it in an adrenaline push, it having its heavy moments, with rock edge, that keeps the angst hard yet aggressive as well. In other words, "Sunrise", has a lot to offer, take it or leave it, you get something after listening to an act like Hadeon.

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