Insolvency Discuss the Black Moon Upon their Death Wish

French metal quartet, Insolvency have their latest album "Antagonism of The Soul", out and about currently, as well as some singles off it, "Death Wish" and "Black Moon". While all of this is doing well for them, they have no plans on stopping, by getting their name out there further, playing some shows and tours as well! The band took the time to discuss these single's and the album as a whole.

1. Let’s get started by introducing Insolvency to our readers. Who is Insolvency and how did you guys get started?

Insolvency has been founded in 2012 with Valentin and one of his friend first, Jules (Guitar). Then Mickael (Drums) and me (Vocals / bass player) joined the band in a second step. In 2014, Bruno joined the band and that’s the starting point of all our ambitious dreams and projects with the EP and then this album. Its kind of the first ambitious band project for all of us!

2. Insolvency is the band's name, but what does that even mean or represent for yourselves and the music that you create?

As a French band we didn’t realize at first what was the meaning of our band’s name, we just found it sounded nice (from French point of view and only judging on its pronunciation). But then we figured its meaning when we started doing interviews! We decided to keep it despite all!

3. Which bands/artists do you draw your influences from?

We all love many music genres and we all love many metal styles, but I’m more into “Metalcore” style, Mickael is fan of Death Prog, Bruno and Valentin share a Heavy Metal touch with their guitar playing style. Our common meeting point is melody, power and groove, we take the best of each other’s inspiration!

4. What inspires Insolvency music and lyric writing? What does Novareign lyrics talk about?

We’re inspired by a lot of music styles, despite our common interest on metalcore we like to reach out guy’s main personal influences. Most of time, myself and Valentin bring the main riffs and structures, then we set it up together with guys ideas or suggestions. Then Mickael and Bruno bring their own touch for some parts to improve the whole songwriting! We’re inspired by everyday life feelings, our society, anger, and sadness. Lyric writing has the same work, I do bring themes and main ideas and then we put it together and make them improve to the whole songs! We write lyrics in relation with situational feelings, and the most of the time, ill-fated experiences. For instance, Violation narrates about school harassment… indirectly!

5. Tell me about the recording process that was put into your album "Antagonism Of The Soul".

We made it produced and mixes in the UK with Jim Pinder and Carl Bown at Treehouse Studio (Bullet for My Valentine, While She Sleeps, As I Lay Dying, Trivium, Machine Head). The Drums have been recorded in their studio, but the main vocals and guitars / Bass has been recorded in our home studio on DI tracks. Then guitars tracks have been reamped by the studio. This solution was easier to us to save some money.

Since most of instrumentals were already recorded, the biggest challenge was mostly for our drummer to record his tracks everyday after all these crazy nights we spent clubbing / partying in Sheffield every day without any day or night of break! And the job was perfectly done so we’re all proud of him.

6. This album is the band's debut album, so what thoughts course through your mind, on the fact that this album was written, recorded, and is out for all to hear? Like is there fear, happiness, sadness, etc.

We’re excited and happy to deliver it after the long road we’ve known to get at this point.
Of course with time we’re thinking about details or other choices we could do into composing or mixing but we’re very proud of this first delivery!

7. Can you give us a bit of a story behind the tracks off "Antagonism Of The Soul"?

It is my favorite song, I like the music variation on it and the feel I’ve put on the lyrics.
Mickael wrote the main guitar riff a few years ago (on a random file as riff ideas we share), and during the album songwriting I’ve put my finger on it and I HAD to use it on a new song and make it awesome.

Then guys helped me to improve the riffs, as example, Valentin wrote a nice tricky breakdown in the middle of the song and Bruno wrote a crazy Children Of Bodom inspired guitar solo on it.
As a funny fact about the song, I’ve wrote the piano and outro of the song on my laptop during a boring sociology class!

8. When it comes to writing an album is there a brain child overseeing it all or do you all take an equal stab at it?

We try to think about how we want to make it, but then ideas come day after day and after tries! During the writing process we always change a lot of things that we thought good or bad before.

9. "Black Moon" and "Death Wish", were released back to back as singles and videos back in 2017.

So tell me why go with these tracks off this album, to receive this treatment? What was it about them that made you say, "yes those!" These tracks are the latest we did compose for this album and have something we feel good about, certainly subjective! Most of our friends told us Black Moon is one the best track so this is the first one we chose to release as an album teaser. Death wish has an interesting story to be showed and we felt it would be nice to feature it on a music video to share it.

10. Where do you hope to see yourself and the band in the next 5 years?

We have so many hopes but we need to stay realistic. We just hope the band to get bigger and bigger after another or two album releases!

11. What does the band have planned for the rest of 2018?

We’re keeping working on the album promo via another music video which should be out around March. Then the next step is completing our tour schedule with live shows in our country and outside! It’s all under work.

12. Any last words?

A big thank you to everyone who follows us!

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