Swedish multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Thobbe Englund (ex-Sabaton, Winterlong) has released his new solo album entitled, "The Draining Of Vergelmer" via Metalville Records. "The Draining Of Vergelmer" is available for purchase on CD HERE and digital streaming HERE.

Following the successful 2017 release of "Sold My Soul" and a European tour seeing Englund going back to the roots of heavy metal, the time has come to move forward into the landscape of metal and shred.

As Thobbe puts it himself: "On this album I was really hungry to make a very solid, melodic yet aggressive statement, so what you hear on "The Draining of Vergelmer" is everything at full force. I don’t think I’ve ever played this clean and fast. Me and my guitar are in perfect synchronization, and the most powerful album I’ve ever written is there to back us up."

"With nordic mythology as the foundation for the album, songs like "Viking", "Odins Hall" and "The Land Where You Belong" tells of ancestry battles and bravery. Thobbe explains: "The song "Viking" is actually sung in Swedish, simply to make it more powerful and true."

"The Draining of Vergelmer" contains vocal guest appearances by Joakim Brodén (Sabaton), Patrik J. Selleby (Bloodbound) and Hulkoff (Raubtier). The album really pushes ahead with faster guitars, faster drums, louder screams, and simply more of everything.

Englund adds, "This album is just full force right through the wall, the most explosive album that I’ve ever made! Tons of guitar solos, more of everything! Turn it up LOUD!!"


1. Thou Ancient, Thou Free
2. Illuminati
3. Heart of Metal
4. Fingerspitzengefühl
5. Viking
6. Odins Hall
7. The Land Where You Belong
8. I Am a Viking
9. Aim and Fire
10. The Ghost & the Darkness

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