While this week we’re celebrating our country’s rich history of distinguished gentlemen who’ve held the title of POTUS, The Big Ditties have no time for that. Instead they’re throwing a bitch slap at Not-My-President Trump with their latest fiasco "More Than SAD!" (A Donald Trump Dittie). A perfect parody of the classic power ballad song and video "More Than Words" from ultra-sensitive hair metal boys Extreme, The Ditties have replaced all of the lyrics with smash hits and deep cuts from Donald Trump's Twitter account.

Describing the song re-writing process and re-making of the video, Dittie DJ K-Heyyy said,"We had the idea initially to rap his tweets, but after our first writing session we decided singing his ridiculousness would be better and we decided on mashing his tweets up with Extreme. In songwriting you’re usually worried about not having enough ideas, but Trump is the gift that keeps on giving! The video is a direct parody, and I, of course am the photo-bombing new third member in all the iconic shots from the original. We’ve got Fausto of Cooking With Drag Queens playing the drummer, and the Clown from 'Mom Just Quit The Band' is back! We agonized about the tiki torch scene, but came up with the idea of putting it out with the fire extinguisher (put out that racist bullshit!) and having the clown being the one to hold it made sense as the clown plays Trump in the scene where he sings the 'Russia Russia Russia' verse."

Check out the video right HERE.

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