The Aces announced the release of their much anticipated debut album, "When My Heart Felt Volcanic" on April 6th 2018. Now the band is excited to share the newest track off the album titled "Lovin’ Is Bible."

""Lovin’ Is Bible" is a very interesting track off of our album. Musically it’s a very intricate song and it took us a few days to really get it right and for all the different parts to fit together. We really want people to take away a universal message of love from this song. A message that over every and any belief or any opinion, love is the most important. That’s how we try to live our lives every day."- The Aces

The message rings very true to The Aces. In the current social climate the band tries to use the dynamic between the four members as an example as to how we should all live in harmony with one another. Despite differences in opinions, interests, ethnicity, race, beliefs and sexual orientations we should all be respected and valued equally. Love should truly conquer all. "Lovin’ Is Bible" was written to further push that message to the masses.

Stream "Lovin’ Is Bible" HERE.

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