Sorrows Path - Touching Infinity

Sorrows Path a doom metal act, whose formation was from the 90's era to the present day, has come a long time since then. Over that course of time frame, they have gone on to write, record, and release content, including most recent being their album "Touching Infinity". This third full-length release see's Sorrow Path in a new light, development, and overall just different act altogether. Whilst their time together over the last several years has seen the best and worst occur, Sorrow's Path is still the same band they have always been all this time. Minus some changes that most if not all musicians deal with at times. "Touching Infinity", strikes a chord that just works, this album crafting together a number of tracks that are just right, such as "Fantasies Will Never Die", Metaphysical Song", "The Subconscious", and "Beauty".  These array of tracks, really set up what this album is truly about, both musically and in general, with the lyrical context of it all really. Like for instance how the vocals and instruments play together it makes the music more mystical yet wondrous as well. It's as if the music being played here, is just building up to something in the long run of it all, you not knowing of what it is but sit and wonder what. When it comes down to it, Sorrows Path's "Touching Infinity", has moments with its vocals of screaming and clean cut, as the instruments work accordingly, making this album be something truly different and more unique than anything else.

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