Nord Gets Signed And Releases Video for "Remake"

ALPHA OMEGA Management is extremely glad to announce the signing of the Croatia's alternative rock metallers NORD!

NORD - formed in October 2013 - is hailing from Rijeka, Croatia. The meaning of the name reflects the idea of being lost in the sonic wilderness, but also their hopeful and positive attitude towards music and life. The band's sound is a blend of dark textural ambience, massive guitar riffs and emotional lyrics with a very personal feeling. NORD's debut album, "Play Restart" (released April 21, 2017 via Geenger Records), is all about finding a clean, new start in life. NORD IS for the fans of Faith No More, Soundgarden, Helmet, Tool, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Deftones etc.

Comments the band on signing:"We were all very excited about 2018 in general since we planned a lot of great things to come for our band - recording of our second album, many shows ahead all around Europe and making some new songs for 3rd album already.. But we didn't expect that things will get even better. The second day of 2018 started with (almost accidentally) getting in touch with Alex from Alpha Omega, and after a couple of great talks and after discussing all possibilities with band members we decided that this collaboration would be a great thing and a step forward for Nord! So far this decision has already proven to be a good one since we just got booked for a great tour in March (more information will be revealed very soon), and that is just the start we're sure. We are very positive about the Alpha Omega crew and hopefully we'll achieve some great things together and of course have much fun in the process. World, Alpha Omega is bringing us to YOU so get ready to rock out with NORD!! ?? ??"

ALPHA OMEGA Management adds:"We are very happy to welcome NORD to our family! These guys have the right attitude and desire to work hard to achieve their goals and conquer new territories! Soon we will announce their headliner tour, so check out this band and stay tuned, you will not regret it!"

Check out the band's latest video for "Remake" from their debut album "Play Restart":

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