Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter JOSEPHINE has released the new single called "Friends." This single is the first of two tracks slated to drop before her second EP, "Chasing High" due out this summer. The light-hearted track meshes together elements of indie-pop and R&B, symbolizing the simplicity of romance at a young age.

Having premiered on Ground Sound, Jake Craney says of JOSEPHINE's new single: "The song is undeniably catchy and is the perfect way to start off your weekend!"

JOSEPHINE says of the single's storyline: "I wrote 'Friends' about my best friend, a guy, who I was in love with. Most of my songs come from an autobiographical place and imagination mixed with melodramatic exaggeration - but this song was the most literal song I’ve written. It really encapsulates this relationship that I just felt so backwards in. You always hear about girls friend-zoning guys but rarely do you hear about it being the other way around.."

Check out the new single HERE and purchase "Friends" here:

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona to Persian parents, 22-year-old singer/songwriter, JOSEPHINE’s musical influence came from both Middle Eastern music and hip-hop alike. The melting pot of sounds served as the basis for her unique sound and sing-rap cadence much like SZA and Halsey. 

Last year, JOSEPHINE was put on the map after the drop of her self-released debut visual album "Love Trap: The Story" (August 2017), which has garnered over 150,000 streams to date. JOSEPHINE has also performed along the west coast and southwest at The Peppermint Club, Avalon Hollywood, The Mint, Silverlake Lounge, Club Congress (Arizona), and the Mehregan Festival.

JOSEPHINE will be releasing her subsequent visual EP—reminiscent of 90's pop culture "Chasing High" in Summer 2018. Two singles symbolizing the innocent voice of middle school relationships will be released prior to the EP—which will continue the narrative as the album reflects relationships in high-school and as a young adult. Stay tuned for further tour and EP announcements to come.

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