the NEW EBook You Have To Read For Your Music Needs!

A musician of 30 years and performer for 20, named Shawn Lyon or "Sonic", has learned of the many music business situations but the hard way. So this lead to him writing a digital book known as an "EBook" that is titled "". Going into detail of how to prepare yourself for obtaining music endorsements and or sponsorship's!

When asked about the Ebook, Shawn had says """ is more than just how to obtain endorsement deals for you and/or your project.  It’s basically music business 101!  This has taken my team and myself over a year to create and now it is finally here!  Included is the Ebook, about 10 hours of Q and A audio with myself, a worksheet that coincides with the Ebook sections, and a private invite to a special Facebook group.

My team and myself have broke down how to obtain endorsements and/or sponsorships into 9 sections.  Each section is accompanied with about an hours length of Q and A with me pertaining to that section. 

In my career I have obtained almost 30 endorsement deals and a handful of sponsorship's. I currently have close to 20!  There are so many musicians and artists that have asked me how I did it.  Well now I am spilling the beans from my experiences so that any artist can obtain these kind of deals.  Most artists feel that these kinds of deals aren’t reachable in their case. This Ebook will prove them wrong!  The music business is constantly changing. 

Many music companies are looking into other avenues such as endorsements/sponsorship's as a means for current advertising.  Now is the time to take advantage of this, it only helps out both you and said company."

For more information about the Ebook and social media profiles find the links below!

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