Feed Your Head - Tiger Lilly

Indie rock trio Feed Your Head takes a dynamic and unfamiliar approach to their genre choice. By doing such a thing, their single "Tiger Lilly", is an easy listening experience, more of an acoustic feel to it, but contains those rock elements as well. Like when listening in, Laura Carver (guitar, vocals), presents this mellow toned voice that just grips onto you, while the rest of the instruments and musicians like Joe Barron (bass) and Geoffrey Randall (drums) keep a balance of everything happening, making the music more rounded and focused. It's a trio based rock band, whose sound just has no meaning to it, it just sounds so right, it makes it so good. That is how "Tiger Lilly", presents itself really, and what else will become from the rest of the content to follow through off their "Self-Titled" EP this track comes from. Feed Your Head is an up-and-coming act, that has a good start of where they are here with this material source, given time, they will move forward, exposing themselves ever so further into the indie rock scene, building themselves upward ever so greater than they are doing now.

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