Deliverance - The Subversive Kind

Deliverance had given a good idea as to who they were as a metal band, when releasing the track "The Black Hand", off their new album "The Subversive Kind". This single handedly made them known, causing this album to follow suit. When hearing the tracks upon this album, you are hit with the band's previous works quite a bit. So if thrash, speed, and heavy metal are the genres of metal to your liking, then this is by all means the finest works Deliverance can deliver. The true energy is within such tracks, aside from the single "The Black Hand", as others come into the spotlight like "Bring 'Em Down", "Concept of the Other", "Center of It All", and "Listen Closely", you just get hit with a refresher of the metal acts before, such as Metallica or even some Exodus thrown in as well. That is the vibrations to which Deliverance gives off as a whole, upon this album. If fast and heavy is what you partake in then this album is the one not to miss, but to engulf immediately, because it is just that good of a release.

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