Kimberly Freeman - Secret Lullaby

There comes a time in an artist or band's life of their music career, where they want to stretch out from their usual appeal to their fans. So they create solo efforts, develop other bands, until it feels just right for them. For the likes of Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll, she has decided that the doll has to be put away for playtime for the time being. As she has taken the solo approach with her debut album "Secret Lullaby". A release with its first single turned video in tow called "Rust".

"Rust", came out of nowhere really, when word of her solo album "Secret Lullaby" was announced. The track in itself sounds eerie, haunting, and gloomy, having this slow dramatic pace as it were, with Kimberly's vocal chords singing so soothingly , her tone of voice could easily put your mind at ease, if not have you be at rest, in terms of sleeping or otherwise perhaps.

Whatever the case "Secret Lullaby", not only brings out this haunting progressive tone for it, but a variety of sorts going for it really. Like other tracks like "Cream and Sugar", is a lot like "Rust". Being a more haunting aspect with that rock edge appeal. Whilst "The Thief", and "Journey Of Art", deliver a more ballad approach with their piano appeal of delivery. It does not stop there though, as  for Kimberly takes on more variety when it comes to such tracks as "Amnesia", and "The Missing Link". These being clearly inspired beats of the R&B kind. They just provoke that kick, of feeling when listening to them, it is hard not to take notice.

So you see how much variety is put into play here when it comes this so called "Secret Lullaby" by Kimberly Freeman of One-Eyed Doll. She has creativity no doubt, but it goes ever so further than that, taking hold of a mind, so skillful and set on focus, that she delivers a quality of style and sound, that will appeal to all audiences of the music spectrum.

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