Adam Exler - Self-Titled

At the age of twelve Adam Goodley had heard the fiery passion and soul coming from B.B. King with his track "The Thrill Is Gone". This lead to Adam to getting inspired with wanting to express himself through music. His instrument of choice being the keyboard as well as vocals. Since then on he would graduate finishing his education in no time, where he would develop his skills for singing and songwriting, as music was his goal since the age of twelve after all.

During this time he would form a band Everblue, releasing a handful of albums, getting the chance to play showcases here and there, building up his career and fan base more and more. After sometime he would seek out creating music using the namesake Adam Exler. Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, California, already getting gigs showing off what he could do musically in the form of a band as well as himself, there was no stopping just how far he would go with his career choice in music.

His trace of work, are full of such meaning, ranging of melody, harmonies, rhythms, passion, and hope. Best described as being soulful, universal rock pop sound. Which would lead him to write and record for his newest piece an EP that was funded through a crowd sourcing campaign, which proceeds will go into the Hirshberg Foundation of Pancreatic Cancer. Why that foundation of choice will it was due to his step father passing away due to cancer. This would pay as a tribute of sorts for his loved one.

The 5 track EP kicks things off really quick with its opener "Alive", that brings out that energy, passion, and momentum needed to get the feel of all the depictions mentioned. Like how Adam takes his musical approach and direction with this source material. That is all that can be found with this opening number. Loads of energy and passion, you get this upbeat fast paced tone, flowing from the start to the very end of the track, with lots of instrumental work as well as vocals. The backup singers really strutting their stuff, throughout the track with such catchy tone in their voice, you just have to sing along, or at least sway your body one way or another.

The next track of mention has got to be the follow-up to "Alive". This one going by the name of "Dreamers", really showcasing the reality of dreaming and believing, which is what the song's lyrical content is all about. Who does not believe or have a dream, every single one of us, has got to have that sense of motive. There is no harm in doing it, not at all, but do you, yourself believe in it enough to have it come into focus. Adam does as it is shown within this song, as well as his music career. He has got such a grasp on being a creative figure on the music sense, that it makes his ways with the music abilities much more enjoyable. His vocal chords having this tone of force, gripping you with such style and rhythm, you just laugh if not smile at least. His music just makes you feel so much it is a breath of fresh air, when you hear his tone of voice or his music.

 Next up has to be the number "Nothing Without You", it takes the music down a note, still maintaining a source of tone for it, but it is more easy going, and laid back as it were. Not really like a ballad track but close to it. It just becomes a track of vibrations that keeps the flow alive and well. "What Do You Believe", wraps up the album, while "Ground Zero", was kept as one of those forgettable tracks, as it was decent in sound just was not as ear pulling as the others. Like "What Do You Believe", is like the others off this EP. It keeps an upbeat tone, constant flow, as the lyrics, music, and vocals work as one.

That is how this EP turns out really. It is working as one in so many ways, that it all just works for it. The quality, lyrics, production value is top notch from all sides, it just has great sound, energy, everything you could possibly want for someone like an up and comer Adam Exler.

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