Messages To The Masses have gone on to release their latest addition "Means To An End". Where they then went out on a brief touring cycle, in support of this release, titling the tour itself after this release, "Means To An End Tour", where the band discusses their time out on the road, from all view points possible.

1. You guys just wrapped up the Means To An End Tour, how was it for everyone, that was a part of it?

It was amazing for all of us. One of the first, longer tours we’ve been on and couldn’t of had more fun. A part of it was a lot of driving. We also almost fell off a cliff at one point but, that didn’t stop us for doing what we love. Every show we played was a memory we will never forget.

2. Why did you want to go and do this mini tour instead of a full-fledged tour?

Well we wanted to get our first tour out of the way so that we would have the experience under our belts before going into a full on month or longer tour. Also we wanted to prove to ourselves that we could do it on our own. I’m not saying we didn’t get any help but, we planned it and it was successful.

3. When you headline do you change things up and switch songs from show to show?

Doesn’t matter if we’re headlining or not. This last tour we kept it all the same because we want to make sure all of our fans are hearing the same thing off of the album we just released. In the future we will probably switch things up to keep it tasty.

4. When it comes to performing each and every night does the time stand still or does it fly by when performing?

When you first get to the venue it’s pretty slow however, when it gets closer to playing, it’s like there wasn’t enough time to get ready haha.

5. Any strange or unusual happenings while out on the road or at a live show?

Nothing too strange or crazy for us. When we were going through the Rocky Mountains we almost slide off a massive cliff. Now that was a little unsettling but yet, inspired us to push on and continue to do what we love!

6. When the show ends every night and the band walks off the stage; what happens does the band head backstage or straight to the tour bus/van, dressing room, bathroom, etc.

We all help each other out with grabbing our things and what not. Then we all get together and congratulate each other on what a great show we had.

7. What's the best prank you've played on band mates or other bands?

We haven’t really pulled anything like that. However, doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen in the future. ;)

8. Who goes the longest without taking a shower?

I would say it’s either Mikey or Matt Mcadam.

9. How many times do you have to wear the same piece of clothing because you couldn't find a laundry matt?

Just depends on each band member.

10. Who has the worst tour hygiene?

I would have to say Matt Mcadam.

11. Who has the worst dress sense?


12. What has been the best hotel/motel that you have slept in and what made it the best out of all the others?

We stayed in the Stratosphere in Las, Vegas. Just look it up on google, it literally has a 1000 things you can do in there.

13. Who is the last one to get on the tour bus/van?

Mikey, he’s usually wondering off to Burger King or somewhere without telling anyone haha.

14. What do you miss most from home when you're on tour?

The people that aren’t with us that we love the most.

15. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

Well if I told you, then it wouldn’t be interesting now would it? We have a lot of plans however, everyone is going to have to wait and see what that is!

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