Methane Releases New Single

Sweden's Methane has released a 2 song single featuring the title track "Spit in Your Grave" and the song "Blood, Sweat and Beer". The songs were recorded in the fall of 2014 and are alternative versions of the album's versions which the band is in the studio currently finishing up. Both songs are available for streaming and download enlisted below.





Track 1

Spit on Your Grave

Track 2

Blood Sweat and Beer

Methane spent  2014 touring for it's 'Southern Metal' EP single. Playing in Sweden, Norway and the U.S.A. including The Rage of Armageddon thrash festival in Brooklyn NY and headlineing Metal Inferno festival in Kramfors Sweden. Following the release of the single this summer the Swedish based Southern Metal band will be returning on tour in the U.S. then setting it's sights on Europe later this fall.

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