Massakren – Self-Titled

Massakren formed just three years ago and since frontman guitarist/vocalist Parker Jameson met drummer Spencer Weidner they both considered making music their future career. So the two became friends which lead them to share the same interests in metal and melodic music, their tastes leading them to fall between the lines of Children of Bodom meets Dimmu Borgir/Behemoth. 

While the two practiced day and night the band was still not a full circle, so just three doors down from their dorm room there was Charlie Federici who would become the band's guitarist and would later find Justinian Dispenza to become the band's bass man for touring purposes while still in need of a permanent bassist to fill in their current line-up. Between the success of completing all of this in such a short time span the band had began to practice more than ever which lead them to record, write, what would become their first ever EP release.

The band's self-titled EP, “Massakren”, has plenty to offer in the form of vocal structure, having an older effect of Dimmu Borgir you can immediately tell where the clean vocals come in and where the deep distorted growls go out. This effect really establishes a heaviness that is unlike anything any other band has progressed. In terms of guitar work which is done smooth and quite well - the leads and riffs used are well played having influential effect of Children of Bodom. "Threshold", "Champions Of Slaughter", and "This Is Our Battle, This Is Our Day", lean towards the thrash formula being faster and heavier keeping that in your face attitude in full effect. Lyric-wise is epically dark keeping that energy full and focused.

Thus Massakren is indeed a black metal act that aims towards the thrash metal sequence that tends to offer another addition to its heavy duty rooster of artists.

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