Monster High's New Products Hitting Summer

Monster High's new products keep sprouting all over the net and yet none of them have yet to be released. Here are some new products that apparently are coming out likely this coming summer time. A plush soft diary where you can keep your secret notes hidden from preying eyes. While a hair styler will make your hairs freaky cool. What's better to go with a cool new do? Why not some ghoulish watches or walkie talkies? Though there are several other walkie talkie sets already out more are on the way bringing back the walkie talkie trend. Lastly is a dance pad doing the same thing as the "Dance Dance Revolution" arcade game had done except Monster High has made it creeper.

Monster High Soft Diary Front

Monster High Soft Diary Back

Monster High Soft Diary Opened

Monster High Hair Styler

Monster High Watches

Monster High Draculaura Walkie Talkie

Monster High Frankie Stein Walkie Talkie

Monster High Dance Pad

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