Monster High Revealed New Student Body

Though everyone was well aware of their existence to begin with, Abbey Bominble and Spectra Vondergeist were revealed long before Monster High's Facebook page even got started discussing them. Now that today is Friday the 13th the Monster High's Facebook page decided to reveal the new ghouls in school.

In all of her spooktacular glory, Spectra Vondergeist, Daughter of the Ghosts, will be available in stores this June. Spectra Vondergeist's Bio: Seen Spectra floating through any walls lately? Keep your eye on this ghoul because she’s always appearing out of thin air! Spectra is the wicked cool 16-year-old daughter of The Ghosts who always has her see-through finger on the pulse of Monster High. She’ll deny it, but she’s been known to fill in the gaps of missing information with her own ghostly imaginings! Some student bodies even think she’s the ghoul behind the anonymous MH advice column “Oh My Oracle,” but that rumor is still unconfirmed. If you run across a sneaky little ghost ferret, don’t fret! It’s just Rhuen, Spectra’s scary-cute mischievous pet.

Spectra Vondergeist
Whilst Abbey Bominable the daughter of the Yeti will become avaialble in August. Abbey Bominable's Bio: Abbey may look a little chilly on the outside, but on the inside, she’s all heart. She’s the 16-year-old daughter of the Yeti and is an exchange student from up north – so you know she’s got mad moves when she hits the snow on her board. Have you caught a glimpse of that ice around her neck? She rocks that crystal to keep all of her surroundings at the perfect temperature…ice cold. Her straightforward style can be a little intimidating, especially for the guys, and though rumor has it that a lot of guys want to ask her out; most are afraid she’ll tell them specifically why she’s saying “No.” Abbey is also very strong, a fact that a certain bully recently found out. Oh, and watch out for her pet wooly mammoth, Shiver. She has a big personality and is just as strong willed as Abbey.

Abbey Bominable
These new ghoulis cannot wait to chill with you all and will likely be seen sooner than later in the forms of its cartoon series.

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