VTT - Symptoms Of Sin

New Jersey go getters VTT, formed within the time that was 2005 and brought with them something that no other band could possible dish out which was music. Wait what? All bands can do that can they not? Well some can and some cannot it all depends on how much impact that particular band can portray.

When comes to the essence that is VTT this being their third accomplishment to date, “Symptoms of Sin”, who knows what should be expected of their musical obsession. Well for one, you get presented with a total of eight tracks with a bonus feature oh my! What? Could that possibly be? It’s the band’s official video of the track entitled “The Victim”.

So you pretty much get entangled with a handful of goodies when you come across this so-called “Symptoms of Sin”. “The Victim”, also just so happens to be the opening tune that introduces you to what this band can exactly do. The guitars and vocal chords are in a fair balanced grip that they balance out the whole layout of the song that plays off to being this heavy duty song of such progression the music backing it all up is obscene.

“You’re My Punishment”, “Never Died Before”, and “Wake of the White Devil” all go hand in hand with one another. One source being that all of the music portrayed within these selections showcases itself to being nothing more than again some heavy duty but more raw material matter that overrides the whole album’s display purposes. Plain and simple the music is an aggression of brutality that contains this rock n’ roll vibration with heavy metal influence wrapped around giving it that much needed breath of fresh air.

VTT is rest assured that there isn’t anything that these rock n’ rollers cannot do. Just give them the time and chance to sock it to you.

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