Greeley Estate Gains No Rain and No Rainbows

"No Rain, No Rainbow", by Phoenix, Arizona's Greeley Estates is indeed a follow-up to 2008's "Go West Young Man, Let the Evil Go East", the band can easily fall back on. Greeley Estate's newest addition brings back what was issued upon their previous release except this time around; the band has improved their style taking it to the next level. For instance "Seven Hours", the opener to this overwhelming conspiracy exposes the Greeley Estates style with absolute class.

Whereas "Friends Are Friends For Never", tends to express upon a more in-depth approach to what Greeley Estates is attempted to accomplish as far as instrumental and vocal chords go. Indeed the opener covered as much growling intensity a listener can withstand along with guitar riffs and double-bass drumming action overpowering the music's skills clashing it altogether quite amusedly.

"Jealousy Breeds Killing Sprees", along with "Lying through Your TeethDoesn’t Count as Flossing", both clash upon each other in a repetitive jester as to see who's more heavier bringing on this intense reaction of skill that overwhelms the band’s purpose of why they create music. If that was not enough, the Greeley Estate’s style alone dishes out the goods on sounding a lot like, Drop Dead, Gorgeous, meets The Word Alive, clashing against Blessthefall meeting Alesana. “They Won’t Stay Dead”, is another outstanding tune that really captures the Greeley Estate’s uniqueness that they’ve brought upon themselves when developing such a creative sound.

If fast upbeat guitar riffs are what drives you over the edge with under minded scream attics howling in fear then Greeley Estates is for you.

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