John Enghauser - Lost In the Pages

Every artist or band has their own story to tell. When it comes to the beginning lifestyles of singer/songwriter, guitarist and producer, John Enghauser, his long awaited talent stream has soared far beyond what most up and coming acts can handle.

But that didn’t stop his constant success of soaring he later went on to release “Lost In the Pages” an award-winning album that walked away with being declared the “Hot AC Album of the Year” back at the 19th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards that was held in 09. So much has paved the way for Mr. Enghauser. With that said, his latest efforts have made a major impact indeed, of accompanying an arrangement of tunes that are truly pop rock royalty.

For instance, the title track dishes out the very “pop” feature that is demonstrated within Enghauser’s music. He goes into saying “At the time I was writing most of the material for “Lost in the Pages” I was going through an awful break-up so you’ll find lots of emotion lyrics about things like heart break, loss and redemption”. Adding on “I also performed all of the vocals, acoustic guitars (electric too), keyboards and bass, so it was a very time-consuming project for me. I think that the making of the CD gave me much-needed escape to gravitate toward as well as a diary for what I was going through at the time. And it was a hell of a lot of fun to make,” he confesses.

Thus the birth of his album was born and has made his musical career expand even further beyond his starting point. Which brings us back to the overview of what makes “Lost in the Pages” such an upbringing and out-going album. "Distant World", comes out to being that far out world beyond our own. In which it has such an emotional connection with both lyrics and the instrumentals its unheard of.... with such withdrawal and in-depth meaning hidden within you can instantly take in what is being discussion within this song alone. The guitars take out this overwhelming essence of mellow dramatic depression it’s undoubtedly one of the most out-looked songs to be listening too.

Whereas “Breath Again”, is that grasp of fresh air you take-in after let’s say you just got thrown hard against a solid brick wall your whole body going into a state of shock of such force that instant fresh breathe is that sense of knowing that everything will be alright and you can withstand anything.

John Enghauser’s “Lost in the Pages” is an intense emotional roller coaster ride straight out of hell right through the icy depths of heaven, filled with such overwhelming expression you will not know what to expect.

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