Bleed from Within's Run on Humanity

"Humanity", is the fresh start for melodic deathcore go getters, Bleed from Within, who's currently spending their off time writing and working on the follow-up to this release. "Humanity", brings out all the growls and in-depth screaming attics you could possibly expect from your average deathcore act, for example Suicide Silence. But when listening to Bleed from Within you hear a combination of Suicide Silence meets The Black Dahlia Murder which happens more than once given the proper placement.

"The Awakening", short but enlightened introduction piece carries on the adrenaline just eagerly wanting to reach out of you. But as the music builds itself up, an oversea of messages can be heard within the backdrop indicating a series of messages and broadcasts of past occurrences that happened so long ago up until ones that happened not so long ago. As soon as the introduction has faded away, "Damnation", unleashes that adrenaline fury with overwhelming screaming attics you cannot resist. With this screaming comes the usual guitar riffs with fast pacing drum beats that clashes the music left and right you hear a remembrance to that of Suicide Silence's "Unanswered".

As the album continues to progress, "A Killer Born", and "Monster", both dish out some heavy duty guitar solos with built in screams and guts to match demonstrates the band’s real capabilities of style and uniqueness that it carries the music so smoothly you find yourself head banging to each note played out. Now as the album draws itself to the closing point a tune known as “The Final Chapter”, this concludes what Bleed from Within has expressed upon on this release and will soon express yet again on the soon to be released follow-up. Fans of Suicide Silence and The Black Dahlia Murder will be head over heels for wanting to devour their emotions with nothing but screaming out loud.

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