Papa Roach - Metamorphosis

Papa Roach has been a well known hard rock sensation since their debut in 1993 being very successful down the line with such hits as "Last Resort," off their 2000 hit "Infest," then later on "Deadcell," resurrected being a big hit thanks to the film Queen of the Damned.

Papa Roach later went on to unleash three more records all of which broke the sound barrier as we know it. Having "Getting Away with Murder," (2004) with "Scars," among other top notches then came forth "The Paramour Sessions," with "....To Be Loved," and "Forever," but that was the passed and indeed did all those spine chilling hit singles make Papa Roach known and their name spread far and wide; its now time for the arrival and present time span of "Metamorphosis."

Consisting of 12-tracks of pure hard rock energy this fifth installment in the Papa Roach series is indeed a must have bringing out the classic Papa Roach vibrations with such tunes as "March Out of the Darkness," "Night of Love," and current singles flooding about "Hollywood Whore," and "Lifeline," which keep a more recent style kicking bringing out a similarity of "The Paramour Sessions," days well as the other two mention shows a more edgy earlier depth of the Papa Roach career development.

A special guest appearance as all albums tend to have includes a guitar riffer from Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars making his creative skills known on "Into The Light," a more mellower track but still contains that fast pulsing energy we know and love of the hard rocking Papa Roach.

"Metamorphosis," is overall an entertaining hard rock album and all the instruments are well layered out displaying their talented skills when needed which keeps the hard rock sensation of this hard rock act to continue to rock from now until the end of time.

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