Amue Plugged and Acoustic @ Hot Topic Mini Tour

Many styles can be combind to make up the style of rock and rollers Amue, who have strongly strengthened their relationship as band getting their life experiences and musical talents and exposure out in the open in the Los Angeles area. A mixture of rock, indie and ambient styling's go along the lines of powerful and subtle vocal skills with light gentle shouting tatics in between bring out that heavy raw bouncing energy Amue is known to create.

Music is life to these rockers and they believe that their musical expression is the best key feature and talented one to match which in the end shows a reflection of hope and respect having them explore their surroundings together as a band would touring around the local areas including some of the most popular spots in the Los Angeles atmosphere. House Of Blues, Key Xlub, The Slide Bar, Chain Reaction these stops have all been apart of Amue's start and future and their most recent stops have been at the very popular and very famous Hot Topic chain shops dishing out all the latest trends in clothing,music and just everything relating to the sounds and sights in the world and way of music. After forming in the Winter of 2007 having many creative and collective ideas store inside their minds Amue broke out their debut EP "Like A Kiwi," a brief glimpse into the mind and world of the Amue act surely to set things right everywhere they looked. Tonight was no expection because currently Amue is on the road hitting all the local Hot Topics performing a mini acoustic set for anyone willing to listen in on, and tonight brought in a mixture of folks both young to old. The fans surrounding the store cheered and shouted after each tune was played through the band interactiong with the crowd getting the tone and atmosphere just right for everyone to enjoy. The music alone was very uplifting and kept an on-going beat and tone you can easily bang your head too and rock your body with, Amue sang several tunes that have been floating around the net which included "Devils In My Pocket," Streets R Calling," "Sinful Needs," among many others, Amue is an instant rock and roll success which should draw in more and more fans alike getting their music exposed even further and further away until it reaches the many ear drums all over the world.

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