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Greg (Vocals), Mike (Vocals/Guitar), along with Jonny (Drums), and Josh (Bass) bring together an unleashing force field unlike any other field known to mankind. The Los Angeles music scene has been given great hype about all the creations it’s thrown out over the years and in this day and time this act is no acceptation, the grind breaking metal riffing rocking roaring styling’s of Daybreak Ends tears up the latest trendy music scene with their second installment of creations addition to their collection of CD’s entitled “The Self Unseen,” which carries out the hard raw metal edge driven aggression your ears just can’t wait to listen in on. A chit chat session was conducted with Greg front man of the band who gave his thoughts on their newest addition.

1. In your own words what does Daybreak Ends do differently than other bands? What elements set you apart most? What are you most proud of with the new record?

Greg: Daybreak Ends is a band that does not sit around and wait for good things to happen to us. We work hard and do everything ourselves. We have self-booked 5 tours including a four month national tour and we have self-financed and released two CD's. We have been through member changes and hardships but we push on because we know that the music we make means a lot to us and without it, we would be lost. A lot of bands just sit around and wait for somebody to come along and sign them or put them on some tour and most of the time that never happens. There are always exceptions but most of the time if you want something good to happen, you need to do things and earn it for yourself. This is true in life also. I feel that our new CD captures a lot of the raw energy that our live show does. I feel it is more angry and heartfelt than the last one and I feel the songs represent where our band is at the moment more than the last CD did when we released it.

2. What themes are predominating over the entirety of "The Self Unseen"? There seems to be a touch of self-revelatory, the political, etc.

Greg: The entire theme of "The Self Unseen" touches on the element of something being inside of a person that they don't even know about but there is something that a person does that makes that part of them come out. A lot of people don't realize what they have inside of them until something comes along and forces that out of a person. It could be the loss of a person that makes a person realize they can live without them or it could be some type of event that would kill someone but a person was able to harness something they never thought they had inside themselves and prevail.

3. As a band how has Daybreak Ends grown between "Perfect Tragedy," and "The Self Unseen"?

Greg: The band has grown immensely. We are at a point in our lives where the band seems like a well oiled machine. Everyone contributes and nobody drags us down. We have members that love the music and love creating it and we all get along so well. Perfect Tragedy was a collection of songs from the frist 3 years of the band so it incorporated songs from other members different times in our bands life. The Self Unseen is a collection of songs from where the band is now and it has an overall feel that is more complete to us from start to finish.

4. Taking into consideration current economical times, have you noticed an increase or decline in the number of kids making it out to live shows?

Greg: There will always be a place for live music in the world so even if the economy is rough, kids come out and support and have a good time. In comparison to a lot of activities, going to shows is not that expensive. You pay for the ticket and have a great time and see bands and it’s usually a 5 hour show or longer so you get your money’s worth. Considering our shows are like 5 to 10 dollars, it’s a pretty good deal to be entertained for a whole evening. The economy may be tough but as long as kids throw backyard shows and basement shows and stuff then money is no problem.

5. Many bands experience levels of success they can't reproduce stateside, and vice versa. How Daybreak Ends is received over-seas and how do you think BAND is perceived in America?

Greg: A lot of the fans we have in Europe are very dedicated to our music. They are really supportive and we wish we could go over and play for them because they have shown us so much love. I feel that Europe has a great music scene at the moment and they seem a lot hungrier for music in general. I love how they are less jaded and just love to rock out and have a good time. The perception of Daybreak Ends in the US is good in certain regions. We have a great fan base in Denver and in Pennsylvania and in San Antonio, TX. We always have amazing times when we go through there and the fans there are awesome. As far as the scene in Los Angeles, it is pretty bad. There are no local nights like their used to be and a lot of promoters are so corrupt with pay to play that it kills the scene and makes it hard for bands.

6. Have critics tagged you with any stigmas you would like to get rid of, perhaps by clumping you in genres you don't belong?

Greg: Not really. We just play rock music and have a good time so if people wanna call us something then that’s cool. Hopefully someone will read what they write and want to check us out.

7. "Perfect Tragedy," is completely different compared to the new record. What was the influence writing "All Gemini Die Young"? Furthermore, what was the specific placing of it on the record as opposed to the middle or end (Where many bands tend to put songs they consider to be "against their own grain.")

Greg: Daybreak Ends has always been against sticking to a certain genre and we have always fit into an aggressive music genre. We felt that with putting All Gemini Die Young as the first track to the new CD, it will show fans that the new CD is more raw and angry. Also, it fits the theme of the CD because in the beginning of it, I am singing about the darkness that is living inside and it sort of sets the stage for “The Self Unseen.” The new CD is more aggressive and raw and that is a great song to show people that. We have had a great response from it and are happy that people like what we are doing.

10. "A Love Like Arson," is (in my opinion) the most complete song on the record. Can you talk about the creation of "A Love Like Arson," as a song- where it started, etc. It taps into many different metal genres - with its unmistakable power metal elements (and who is hitting those higher notes?)

Greg: “A Love Like Arson,” is definitely a different song for us. I sing it differently than our other songs and we used to use it as the first song in our set for our last tour. It is very energetic and I love how it does incorporate a lot of elements from our influences but also still keep that dark sound that is Daybreak Ends. Mike came up with the initial riffs as he always does and we kind of put it all together. I sing all of the harmonies on the CD.

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