Musink Tattoo and Arts Festival Blows The Art Away feat. Story of the Year/Atreyu

Set List: SOTY
1. And the Hero Will Drown
2. Falling Down
3. Antidote
4. Wake Up
5. In the Shadows
6. Until the Day I Die
7. Fate

Set List: Atreyu
1. Doomsday
2. Right Side of the Bed
3. The Crimson
4. Bleeding Mascara
5. Ex's and Oh's
6. Blow
7. Becoming the Bull
8. Creature
9. Falling Down
10. Tulips Are Better
11. Lip Gloss and Black

The second annual Musink Tattoo and Arts Festival took place this passed weekend spitting out 3 full non-stop jammed pack days of absolute fun and excitement everywhere you looked. I was lucky enough to attend the second day festivities and the main rooms was swarming with booth after booth after booth of tattoo artists far and wide some experts and some very talented ones.

All crafting out their creativity as best as possible. While as other booths set up contain band merch that you would likely run across at your local rock shop while others sold the festival merchandise and the outdoor atmosphere was just as peachy. Having the same set up except a little more food surroundings than the main area did. Having popcorn stands with cotton candy flying around soda and beer all around.

The Musink Festival was highly underway but the second main addition to this festival was the performances which was done by several musical talents such as Far who rocked out the stage getting the crowd hyped up with total excitement for the acts that were about to come. Scott Russo of Unwritten Law continued to entertain the crowd of high energy folk jumping up and down and singing a long to the musical tunes blasting out of the sound system through their heavy entertaining set ups. Once those two acts left the stage the main bands wrapped it all up having St. Louis very own Story of the Year break the stage jumping and shouting until their lungs were sore and bleeding from the inside out.

These heavy rockers rocked out a 30 minute set bouncing out the new and old tunes such as "Wake Up," Falling Down," In The Shadows," and "Until the Day I Die," which got the crowd dancing and moving instantly not wanting to drop the beat. That was the end of their high racing performance for next we would witness the heart pounding act of Atreyu busting out an hour long set including a cover tune of Bon Jovi at the end of the night. But that's not all their poured out onto the stage and floor grounds, they broke the crowd up into an non-stop running circle pit of destruction having their fans being tossed around everywhere in sight to such tunes as "Creature, Bleeding Mascara, Right Side of the Bed, Ex's and Ohs, wrapping it up with Lip Gloss and Black." Overall the second annual festival was full of fun and highly entertaining for all who witness the experience and exposure of the music being played.

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