Mantic Ritual Interview

Mantic Ritual formally known as Meltdown have recently broke out into the thrash metal scene breaking all the right musical notes dishing out all the fastest guitar riffing solos around with shouting vocal skills to match. Their debut "Executioner," is about ready to launch spreading the madness of Mantic Ritual to all the ears willing to take a listen. Mantic Ritual spoke to me as I conducted an interview with the guitarist Jeff Potts about their new album and upcoming touring plans for 2009.

1. Mantic Ritual is currently on the road with Destruction, could you briefly summarize what it has been like so far?

Jeff: Actually we don't leave until Friday I hope it's gonna be awesome!

2. How has the transition been from when you were known as Meltdown to now becoming called Mantic Ritual any differences?

Jeff: We have some people say we like the new name and then some say we hate the new name but whatever I like it I think it's cool its a general known name when you hear Meltdown Oh thrash band but we don't play thrash all the time. The die hard fans are always like "You'll always be Meltdown to me." Some fans are like we're gonna hang out with the Meltdown guys, no man they're known as Mantic Ritual or whatever we call ourselves these days.

3. Do you have any personal favorites off the new record?

Jeff: Yeah I really like the song "Souls," Black Tear Sin," the new one "By the Cemetary," is cool that's one of the cool musical stuff we don't normally do. They all have parts that I like ya know?

4. What spawned the theme of the album title "Executioner,"?

Jeff: Just the title of one of the songs and we decided we that was a cool title thought it was cool and aggressive just made sense I guess.

5. Any big plans for 2009 you'd like everyone to know about?

Jeff: We're hitting the road as much as possible like no matter where you are odds are we're going to play there sometime in 2009.We got the Destruction tour, and then the Pro Pain,Sworn Enemy one in the summer and then working on something for the Fall. I would really like to go to Europe just tour,tour,tour!

6. Do you all have similar musical influences?

Jeff:We did a couple of days with Exodus, a lot of influences a lot of them offensive and then some aren't a lot sound like Metallica, we listen to The Beatles and classical music it all depends really....

7. How did you end up on Nuclear Blast Records? Are you honored on being apart of their team and being alongside some of the other major acts also on the team.

Jeff: Oh man its like its the coolest thing ever being on Nuclear Blast Records I was always saying we'll send our album out to every label who knows and then Nuclear Blast responded and they're just so cool. They are definitely my favorite label. So many other bands on it, just an honor to live up to that.

8. How would you best describe a Mantic Ritual show?

Jeff: I think it's genuine we try as hard as we can to put on a show everyone headbang at this par because I'll look cool t we like that riff I wanna headbang there ya know? Its real like when Dan talks to to the crowd he's talking to the crowd he's not saying something sweet and cool it's real and fun!

9. What are some thrash metal bands people should look out for?

Like some new upcoming ones people should be waiting for? There's like one band I like Hetetic,Rattlehead, really good musicians from those bands, out here there's this band Midnight that I really love from Ohio they don't get that much press like other bands and when we played with them they just totally blew me away. There are some bands here in Pittsburgh like Oh Shit They're Gonna Kill Us and Satan's Side Kick when you look in every city there's usually a band that's really kick ass. A lot of times there's so many BS thrash bands so every kid wants to get on a label so they'll make a band which is really stupid.

10. Who is usually the one to put together all the lyrics?

Jeff: Mostly Dan and Adam, usually Dan and our drummer Adam wrote "One By One," and Next Attack," which the band seems to love.

11. Through the past year have you all done anything that you feel has been a "bad move" for the band, or has everything been going as planned?

Jeff: I think everything has been going really well so far for us. Right now I think we've made some good decision we've 4 heavy headed dudes and don't think we've made any screwed up choices yet. Just work as much as we can and work as hard as we can. Everything has worked really well. We might hit something little on down the road.

12. Do you ever get tired or annoyed of hearing the same questions from Journalists?

Jeff: Once in a while whenever they think they're the first ones to say "Did anyone ever tell you you sound like old thrash metal?" Like duh! It's cool we're a new band so how much is there actually to ask us? Just the basic information and I appreciate a Journalist because they're spreading the word so thanks alright.

13. Is there anything that fans have done, that has made you just so thankful for everything?

Jeff: Everything they do makes me feel really thankful there was this one kid who first time it was about a week ago, he learned one of our songs and posted it on YouTube I was like wow. Someone learned one of our songs and did a good job of it too. Whenever people show up at a show and rock out or buy a t-shirt or CD wearing our t-shirt proudly or go tell their friends about us we feel really thankful for it.

14. Do you guys plan on doing any cover songs while out on tour?

Jeff: Yeah we usually have one in the set and depending on the night we look out into the crowd and then see well maybe these guys will like Vemon or the Misfits we've done a lot of covers in the passed. We've done everything to Slayer, Misfits, Sabbath, Scorpions, we've done everything. I'll tell the guys we have a request for Slayer in Hollywood.

15. Whats the one thing that you'd like to tell fans?

Jeff: Thanks for everything and see you on the road we're gonna be everywhere we're four friendly guys so don't be afraid to come hang out and hopefully you'll like the album which will be out soon!

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