Witherfall Drops New Single/Video - "They Will Let You Down"


Los Angeles-based dark melodic metal outfit Witherfall are proud to present their new single "They Will Let You Down", taken from their upcoming album "Sounds Of The Forgotten" (out May 31st).

"‘They Will Let You Down’ is Dark Melodic Progressive Metal. Knowing this song would be the opener Zeuss and Joseph decided to make sure to wave the flag of traditional metal right off the bat with a shining high note of falsetto madness.The Pre-chorus is Anthemic and almost Hopeful:

‘Life is too short to quibble over trivial things
We only have one chance to show what we will bring
So many people only live to count what they’ve got
Until the bitter truth shows them what they have not’

The composition is a showcase of a variety of our heavier influences. A stark contrast to the previous single ‘When it all Falls Away’. The lyrics deal with people in our lives that do not live up to reasonable expectations. The Chorus embracing isolation in an ever decaying world. "Embrace The Silence, They Will Let You Down"

Check out the new video single here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QBT0wfhQ2I

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