Death To All Premieres Previously Unreleased "Crystal Mountain" Live from Graspop Metal Meeting 2022 at Metal Sucks


“Crystal Mountain” was originally released in 1995 on DEATH’s Symbolic record which featured Gene Hoglan on drums and Bobby Koelble on guitar.

Hoglan shares "To the best of my recollection, Chuck wrote “Crystal Mountain” about his neighbors. Chuck was always a chill neighbor, and his neighborhood in the Symbolic era consisted of just a few homes, all spread out with a nice little acreage between each, with no fences. However, some new folks happened to move in next door. Very puritanical, extremely evangelistic and horribly judgmental, and they rather immediately took umbrage with Chuck. Perhaps due to his long hair, or the metal we’d be cranking from his garage as we rehearsed, who knows? So they decided to build an enormous fence on the property line. A gigantic eyesore, thoroughly blockading the view down the very lush and pretty street where Chuck lived. Only……they had misread their property line blueprints and mistakenly built this fence about a foot over the property line, therefore directly on Chuck’s property, with just enough room to give Chuck the working space to paint the most hilariously blasphemic and atrocious stuff on the side of the fence which faced their house. But after all, the fence was on his property, therefore becoming his fence, right?And if only those neighbors were not jerks…Man, did they ever lose it. God, we were dying."

Steve Di Giorgio quips "Crystal Mountain" is "worth more than a plastic hill."

Previously unreleased, professionally shot live footage of Death To All performing “Crystal Mountain” at Graspop Festival 2022, in Diezel, Belgium premieres today exclusively at Metal Sucks.

Watch Steve Di Giorgio dedicate the song to his good friend, dearly departed Chuck Schuldiner, the mastermind of Death who passed away in 2001 (RIP)

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