Citpyrc & Dotty Ontap Rleases New Single "PU$$Y CHASER"


CITPYRC is back with a bang! Enigmatique Media House presents a remix that redefines musical genres: "PU$$Y CHASER" by DOTTY ONTAP, in collaboration with GOOST MUSIC. This bold track pushes the boundaries of Punk and Phonk, blending industrial sounds with authentic LO-FI production and catchy hooks.

The remix explores the raw anarchy and gritty sound of Punk and experimental metal, highlighting DOTTY ONTAP's artistic sensitivity as a songwriter and performer. The track stands as a manifesto of Punk's validity in 2024, thanks to the collaboration with CITPYRC, a master of industrial LO-FI Phonk. This union testifies to the artistic evolution of both artists and Enigmatique Media House's commitment to nurturing authentic talent.

CITPYRC continues to push the limits of artistic expression, offering a piece that stands out in the contemporary music landscape. "PU$$Y CHASER" is a symphony of structured chaos, capturing the rebellious essence of Punk while embracing the shadows of industrial Phonk.Check out the single over HERE.

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