Amon Amarth Concludes Final Tour Stop with a Fiery Ending!


The Metal Crushes All Tour set for 2024, was announced late holiday season for 2023, tickets would soar as far as I can see, when the bill was announced, Amon Amarth headlining, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and Frozen Soul opening, it was a tour to not be missed! Come the early summer time in that next year, is when the tour would actually wrap up at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California on Saturday night May 25th 2024. Not selling out quite, but still brought in a crowd of fans, young and old, getting their necks and heads twisted one way or another.

Arriving a little after 6PM, opener’s Frozen Soul were set to play as soon as 6:30PM, after getting doors, snacks, and merch, once inside close to 7PM, catching the last bite of their performance was good enough entertainment. They had an intense style of death metal, with it being classic yet cold as their name suggests. Them even tossing out Magic the Gathering cards, having the fans on the floor, making a clearing, creating a circle pit, with the crowd circling around those in the center actually playing with the cards, that were thrown out! They had a quick set turn around but still fun to behold.



Following them would be Obituary whose set-up had a minor mishap with starting, but after it’s fixation the band went on to play yet another quick but good set. They sang such songs as “Barely Alive”, “My Will To Live”, “Slow Death”, ‘War”, and “Dying of Everything”. The crowd got into them, banging their heads with utter enjoyment, the instrumentals really embracing the heaviness pouring outward from start to finish. Surely being a death legends for a reason.


Up next would be more legends of the death metal genre known only as the one Cannibal Corpse! Fronted by Corpsegrinder himself George Fisher; their set was a good 40 minute arrangement consisting of such tracks played like “Evisceration Plague”, “I Cum Blood”, “Death Walking Terror”, “Stripped, Raped, and Strangled”, and “Hammer Smashed Face”. Now a lot of the seats ended up being filled once they went on, playing non-stop for the most part of their set, Corpsegrinder not taking a breath until mid-set. But the crowd was up in arms with it, mosh goers were going nuts, crowd surfers were intense, it was happening every which way you looked at it. Lots of fun, head turning excitement, with great music that is legendary for countless years now.


Concluding the night would be headliners Amon Amarth whose viking styling antics, brought forth their Swedish ways with melodic death metal, and a total stage show! Literally, the first presents was of two viking looking soldiers, whose eyes lit up, during the first set of songs, with the next set bringing forth the viking ship itself to the stage. The stage being centered upon the helmet of said vikings with light up eyes! Wrapping up their set was a total dragon! Swordsman fighting, Loki duel, and toast to the audience, that everyone totally got into it. Such songs as “Guardians of Asgaard”, “Deceiver of the Gods”, “Put Your Back into the Oar”, “Heidrun”, and “Twilight of the Thunder God”, were all chanted and sung with such an overwhelming response it was flawless. So much fiery effects were used throughout, with a fire igniting and being unable to be put out at some points, that a stage hand took matters to take it out! Minus that though, the mighty viking’s outdid themselves, with a show that might of not been a sell out, but still a rather good time of enjoyment!



1. The Pursuit of Vikings
2. Tattered Banners and Bloody Flags
3. Guardians of Asgaard
4. Raven’s Flight
5. Blood Eagle
6. Deceiver of the Gods
7. As Loke Falls
8. Find a Way or Make One
9. Put Your Back into the Oar
10. The Way of the Vikings
11. Heidrun
12. War of the Gods
13. Shield Wall
14. Raise Your Horns
15. Twilight of the Thunder God

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