Witherfall Release New Video Single for "What Have You Done?"


Witherfall have just released another single/video from their upcoming album "Sounds Of The Forgotten". The song is about the impact of Misinformation on our current cultural climate as well as the bands history of misfortune...

 "The mood pervading the 'Sounds Of The Forgotten' writing sessions was one of frustration and sadness. Already our current decade has seen a disproportionate amount of strife we were barely at the beginning of it. Just as we were starting to see some light at the end of the 'plague' then the real bogey that lurks in the shadows showed itself. We take no comfort in that the most devastating virus to plague our civilization this decade is not Covid, it is misinformation.

What Have You Done?

At the beginning of composing the song we had a feeling it was going to be the album's closing piece. The three movements that carry you through to its musical conclusion mirrored real life for us in a profound way. The song is an ode to despair. A dark reminder that like Icarus we are all fallible and prone to misdeeds. Hopefully that light at the end of the tunnel we thought we were seeing can make its way to us and shine a light into a brighter future."

Check out the video right HERE.

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