Metallica Brings Yet Another Sold Out Show for LA at Night 2 of Weekend Special



When Metallica had announced they would be doing a 2 night event on their 2023 tour across the U.S. and other parts of the world, who knew it would be such a success! Two different set lists in two different nights, and night two would happen back at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California in the city of Inglewood!

Happening at the end of August weekend, August 25th for night one and August 27th for night two, the second and last night for LA’s stop, would bring in about 80,000 people for the band’s sold out performance in said stadium. Lots of fans gathering in the parking lots, chit chatting, eating, drinking, and listening to music beforehand, while others headed straight to the stadium, going inwards to pick up merchandise, food, drinks, or use the restroom before taking their seats or heading down to the floor.
Once in though, opener’s would be Ice Nine Kill, whose fan base has been ever flowing and rather growing in popularity as of late. Their presents brought in some on lookers, for the next 30 minute set, at 6PM. The crowd there, enjoying the atmosphere, music, and theatrics. Ice Nine Kills being very playful, creative and highly entertaining in song and in imagery. Some bodies were killed off but that was just the fun of it, a lot of their working’s being thrown together by numerous horror movies. It just brought out such creative flare really, even with the band dressed in their best fit, suits, ties, during their whole performance, during each song performing a minor skit, with blood, cuts, and more. They were merely an act that is one to see time and time again. Catchy, upbeat, and lots of fun really.


Next up would be heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch, having only heard their works online from time to time, tonight’s performance would be “special” according to the band. As it turns out, frontman vocalist Ivan Moody, would fall ill, causing the band to perform with replacements. Yes, that means several vocalists, filling in the vocal duties. One of the vocalists would be All That Remain’s vocalist Phil Labonte, Howard Jones from ex-Killswitch Engage/Light The Torch, and SION, and AJ Channer from Fire From The Gods, would end up doing a rather decent job. The material they performed was heavy duty, raw, and what the crowd endured with ease. Lots of the crowd singing along, to banging their heads to the beat, down to just being entertained through and through. Five Finger Death Punch may have lost a member temporarily, but they still brought the fun and kept all hearing them overjoyed.


Lastly would be of course headliners Metallica, whose set would be another extensive 2 hour set list, with 16 tracks, of old and new, including such as “One”, “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, “If Darkness Had a Son”, “Wherever I May Roam”, “Moth Into Flame”, and “Enter Sandman” to name off just a few. Everyone there, knew the songs, sang along, banged to the beat, and just had fun. Old, young, everyone was a part of the Metallica Family, as the band says, welcomed and excited. The band was fueled with energy and angst, creating such an environment that everyone was entertained. They were seeing legends for reals, and everyone was just pleased as could be. Metallica having been playing together for over 40 years now, they still have got it, a lot of them being up there in age, but that not stopping them one bit. For it, keeps them alive, well, and willing to continue performing for perhaps quite sometime longer, as long as there are those willing to see them do it.


Overall though, night one and night two both were put together well, fans packed it in, the bands opened were good enough. It was just a combo of shows, that will be remembered and not forgotten. Metallica being one that all will know, and hear, because they are the master of puppets, who will ride the lighting til the end of time.

1. Whiplash
2. For Whom The Bell Tolls
3. Ride the Lighting
4. Dirty Window
5. 72 Seasons
6. If Darkness Had a Son
7. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
8. You Must Burn!
9. The Call of Ktulu
10. No Leaf Clover
11. Wherever I May Roam
12. Moth Into Flame
13. Fight Fire With Fire
14. Whiskey in the Jay (Traditional Cover)
15. One
16. Enter Sandman

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